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Travel app: Frequent Flyer Calculator 3.0 for iPhone

By David Flynn     Filed under: frequent flyer, Qantas Frequent Flyer, smartphone apps, travel apps, Velocity Frequent Flyer

One of our favourite travel apps is Frequent Flyer Calculator, created by Brisbane coder Adam Ware to keep track of – and make the most of – your Qantas Frequent Flyer points and status credits.

It’s leagues ahead of Qantas’ own frequent flyer app, and with the latest version 3.0 update Frequent Flyer Calculator now extends its savvy to Virgin Australia’s Velocity scheme.

You can get an estimate of how many Qantas and Virgin Australia points and status credits you stand to earn on any flight, including point bonuses based on your status and class of travel.

If you're trying to reach the next status level or maintain your current grade, Frequent Flyer Calculator can also run those numbers and help you set up ‘flight goals’ where you can plan what flights are needed to earn those status credits.

Short of status credits? Read about how Qantas & Virgin’s not-so-frequent flyers enjoy a soft landing.

Dividing your flights and frequent flyer status between Qantas and Virgin Australia on domestic routes? The ‘airline comparison’ mode shows your points and status earnings on both airlines so you can choose which is best to keep your points topped up.

One of the best improvements for international travellers is that the app now has the flexibility to list a multi-leg trip as separate flights rather than insist on treating it as a single trip – useful if you want to break your journey at the halfway mark.

Best of all, the app is still free - although for an extra $2 you can upgrade to First Class mode, where you can enter flights using airport codes and set the class of travel on a per-flight basis. That’s handy handy for split fare travel such as economy from Sydney to Singapore and then premium economy or business class class for the longer overnight leg to London.

Download Frequent Flyer Calculator 3.0 from iTunes


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David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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1 on 19/10/12 by pantone801

Hi just love this app, it is perfect for planning status credit runs and the new features look great! I have the paid version to support this local developer.

2 on 19/10/12 by CL9

On andriod as well?

1 on 21/10/12 by buckshot

Would love to see this on Android

1 on 21/10/12 by adamware

Thanks for your input Buckshot and CL9. I investigated a Android version but found the fragmentation of the Android market very hard to develop for.  I will keep my ears open and if there is enough demand for an Android version I will revisit it.

1 on 21/10/12 by CL9

thanks mate.

3 on 20/10/12 by benoco

Virgin/Velocity doesn't work for me in this App (QFF no problems). Says I have 2 status credits. I think I get more than that just by driving to the airport(!) - I've stuck to a more manual pen and paper approach to calculate status runs. Anyone know of any other alternatives? 

1 on 21/10/12 by adamware

Hi Benoco.

I'm the devloper behind Frequent Flyer Calculator. If you want to give me an email (from here or within the app) I'll see what the issue is. 

1 on 21/10/12 by benoco

Will do. :)

2 on 23/10/12 by benoco


All fixed - the App is working a treat now; I'm a happy little Virgin (and FF Calc) customer. :)


4 on 22/10/12 by Phil

I like the potential of this app, but I was troubled when a key component of it requires my QFF membership number AND my PIN.  Given that access to my QFF account allows transfer of all my points to a third party, I declined that option.  So far I've not revealed those details to anyone.  I'd rather the option to update my points & status credits in this app to be manual.

1 on 23/10/12 by adamware

Hello Phil,

I am the developer behind the app. I can assure you that the frequent flyer details are only stored within the sandbox of the app and are only transported to the qantas website.

But I do understand your concerns. I will investigate the option of letting you enter your own points and status manually .


1 on 23/10/12 by tuppaware

Also in saying that, you don't need to put in your FF details to use the calculator, its just an extra option. 


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