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Singapore Airlines to reveal 'next gen' seats & cabins in July

By David Flynn     Filed under: singapore airlines, business class, first class, design

Singapore Airlines will unveil the next generation of its seats and cabin interiors in July, ahead of their inflight debut on selected long-range Boeing 777-300ER, with first flights tipped for September.

The global launch, to be held in Singapore on July 9, also comes ahead of a worldwide redesign of the airline's SilverKris airport lounges.

All eyes will be on Singapore Airlines' ultra-luxe first class suites, which have been reimagined by BMW's Designworks USA outfit and come as SQ faces increased competition from Middle East airlines in the premium travel market.

But most business travellers will be paying close attention to SQ's all-new business class seats. These have been designed by James Park Associates, which created the airline's current business class seat as well as Cathay Pacific's highly-regarded new business class.

The new business class seats retain a forward-facing design rather than adopting the angled and staggered herringbone layout being adopted by many airlines.

However, the design will provide more storage for pieces of personal carry-on kit such as mobile phones, iPods and reading glasses, and is also said to offer increased privacy.

Singapore Airlines has earlier said it would target "improved comfort in both seating and sleeping positions" on the new business class seats, which some passengers criticise for a lack of relaxing positions and being too wide to let them get properly comfortable.

The cabin upgrade also includes touchscreen displays on the inflight video system.

The new seats and refreshed cabin interior will be fitted to Singapore Airlines' new Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350 aircraft, although they can also be retrofitted to the current fleet including SQ's flagship Airbus A380 superjumbos.

Australian Business Traveller will be attending the launch of Singapore Airlines' new seats & cabin interiors as a guest of SIngapore Airlines.

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About David Flynn

David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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1 on 17/5/13 by TECHNO

Can I come along. I love Singapore Airlines.

2 on 17/5/13 by aero-seat

I already love Singapore Airline's current A380 business class seat! I can't wait for the newer (and hopefully, better) seats to come. Great seats, fabulous service, superb dining and Velocity points, make an amazing airline! Keep on going Singapore Airlines!

3 on 19/5/13 by Oliver

i think singapore airlines seats very nice but their is some problems with them that they can hopefully fix such as the beds are not that nice so please improve the beds

4 on 20/5/13 by AusFlyer

Hopefully they will come up with a seat that reclines to the bed rather than having to get up to put the seat back down. That's the biggest negative of their seat for me at the moment.

5 on 21/5/13 by gippsflyer

I recently tried out Singapore Airlines Business Class, including its all Business Class LAX-SIN service. It's not hard to see why SIA are market leaders! I didn't mind so much the drop down bed seat, I think you always face a trade-off with lie-flat seats that don't do this, but I think it can be improved on. It's not the nicest material (on the bed side) and the angled footwell is awkward (unless you are smart enough to get the first cubicle in a row, which doesn't cut this space down). 

Service was good, if a little over-done at times (they kept trying to offer me snacks, to the point it was slightly annoying), and the amenity kit lacked wow (although the slippers are quite useful - first I've ever taken with me). Trying out the A380 First Suites soon, and am very much looking forward to it (especially since they serve my favourite - Krug).

1 on 27/6/13 by gippsflyer

I hope Singapore Airlines improve their First Suites in the upcoming refresh. In my recent trip, I got to try them out, and was surprised to find the seat lacked many adjustment options. The footrest was also rather odd, and not very comfortable. The bed, while spacious and clever, was quite hard. I would have preferred more ventilation as well. Service, meals and wines were all quite good though. 

1 on 8/7/13 by gippsflyer

I'm just stating it as I see it, the Singapore First Class seat simply is not as good as others I've been in. I was surprised it lacked adjustment options beyond two (seat recline & footrest up/down). And while I thought the seperate bed was quite clever, some high quality memory foam would really help comfort. 

Those points aside, the crew was great, the food excellent, the crockery high class, and storage and bathroom space all very good. 

6 on 23/5/13 by seating_guy

David, how about mentioning the seating manufacturer next time you write an article? thanks!

1 on 24/5/13 by David

Seating_guy: we usually include this info when writing up an article about new seats, but at this point SQ hasn't confirmed which company is behind their new seats and suites.

7 on 26/5/13 by RR

SQ have lost the plot - why improve already good seats when they still fly aircraft SIN-Australia with awful angled wedgie 'regional'  seats? These are the ones that need replacing, they are not great. Despite being 8.5 hrs to SYD if you are unlucky to get  the 777-300 it has these sloping seats as 2-2-2 (and charged at the same price as the flat seats in 1-2-1 arrangement on the A380 and 777-200, also flying from Sydney). The A330 from Brisbane has the regional wedgies too.

I am flying with SQ from Brisbane in a  couple of weeks, and can bear the seats if I sit up on the day flight to SIN. However coming back overnight I will not fly with SQ because of those seats. From next year we are moving to using Cathay via Hong Kong to Europe, as they reliably use flat seats on all legs from Brisbane and Sydney


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