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Singapore Airlines to launch Singapore-Canberra-Wellington flights

By David Flynn     Filed under: singapore airlines, Canberra Airport

Singapore Airlines will begin direct flights between Canberra and Singapore from September 20, with an initial schedule of four flights per week on a Boeing 777.

The 'Capital Express' route will also include a Canberra-Wellington leg in the first direct service linking the Australian and New Zealand capital cities.

Virgin Australia will codeshare on both the Canberra-Singapore and Wellington-Canberra legs, and Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong indicated that its Star Alliance partner Air New Zealand would add its own NZ codeshare onto the flights before their launch.

The first leg of flight SQ292 will depart Wellington at 8.15pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, to arrive into Canberra at 10.05pm. After a brief refuelling stop, SQ292 will be wheels-up again at 11.30pm for a 5.50am arrival into Singapore the following day.

The SQ291 return journey will leave Singapore at 11pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, to reach Canberra at 8.35am the next day, continuing to Wellington for a 3.05pm arrival.

The Boeing 777-200 will carry 38 business class passengers in ‘angled flat’ seats…

… while up to 228 passengers will settle for economy.

"We are excited about the prospects for our new Capital Express route, which we are confident will appeal to leisure, government and corporate travellers," said Singapore Airlines CEO, Mr Goh Choon Phong.

Tickets for the new Capital Express service will go on sale from January 25 with business class fares starting from $3,166 return for Canberra-Singapore and $1,450 return for the Canberra-Wellington leg, with economy pricing at $650 and $469 respectively.

Lounge options

Canberra Airport’s recent redevelopment created an 'international' zone within the terminal with space set for aside for customs, immigration and quarantine facilities, while food outlets and cafes will be open by the time the Singapore Airlines flights begin.

Flights will depart from gates 6 at the western end of the terminal, near the Virgin Australia lounge, where the departure lounge and aerobridge will switch between 'domestic' and 'international' modes.

Business class passengers and top-tier members of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer, AirNZ’s Airpoints and Virgin Australia’s Velocity frequent flyer schemes will have access to the nearby Virgin Australia domestic lounge before their flight.

Review: Virgin Australia Canberra Airport lounge

Singapore Airlines is also considering creating a 'premium area' with dedicated seating near the departure gate.

Long road to Singapore

Representatives of Canberra Airport and the ACT Government have long been lobbying Singapore Airlines as a desirable premium partner.

"With Singaporeans, there’s an 86 per cent of re-visitation [rate] to Australia, but they’re looking for something new" Canberra Airport managing director Stephen Byron (below) noted in 2014, adding that there was also clear demand for outbound travel to Singapore, other Asian cities and onward routes.

"The travel industry and the packagers and sellers are very interested in a new product that really fits the market very well," Byron said at the time.

"With Singaporeans, there’s an 86 per cent of re-visitation [rate] to Australia, but they’re looking for something new." 

"The travel agents are saying Canberra is the something new and it absolutely fits the demographic of nature-based tourism, the adventure activity-based tourism, together with good hotel product and high-quality restaurants and cafes.”

Singapore Airlines’ international flights are the first step in the nation's capital becoming an alternative to Sydney Airport for travellers not just within the ACT but the southern and southwestern centres of New South Wales, including Wollongong.

Read: Canberra revs up to become Sydney's 'alternative' airport

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1 on 11/1/16 by jianga

I work in the international tourism industry and have some association with Canberra area. You would be surprised to learn just how many tourists from SE Asia would actually want to visit Canberra. Agents in those countries are showing more interests to sell it too (they always need something new/fresh to sell other than SYD/MEL/GC). Also given the high repeat visiation from Singapore, a lot of them have been to the major cities as well as places like GC a few times, this potential direct flight would give them some new aspect to travel to 2nd/3rd tier destionations and more regional area.

1 on 12/1/16 by CityRail

In particular each year during Floraide and in winter time, Canberra is the entrance to many more skiing destinations and direct to Floraide which I hope this direct flight will prove popular to them and that Canberra will be able to further promote their Floraide worldwide.

Just wondering though, what impact will the new Canberra flight has on Sydney flights? I hope with the additional WLG sector that SQ will be able to launch Red Eye departure ex-CBR, so that Sydney passengers will be able to enjor a red eye service via a 3 hour bus ride from Central Station.

2 on 12/1/16 by AlexT

Well, who knew Singapore Airlines would be the first to fly trans-tasman out of Canberra!

1 on 12/1/16 by Dave

And in an A330 of all things. Seems like waaaay too much capacity to me on the trans-tas leg

1 on 12/1/16 by wilsoni

Similar to EK trans-Tasman services with a380 - don't park it, use it even if not anywhere near full.  Bring it on!

2 on 15/1/16 by AJW

You would expect that maybe 1/3rd to 1/2 of the plane will be filled by passengers doing SIN-WLG and maybe 1/2 CBR-WLG.

In fact I reckon the combined traffic of the two routes is what makes it viable to SQ. SIN-CBR marginal, SIN-WLG the same, but combine and voila a viable route.

WLG benifits as people can avoid Auckland and a narrow body with no business class (NZ domestic), but still one stop. CBR benifits as non-stop. Win win.

3 on 12/1/16 by TIMOS

Fantastic news. I relaly hope this works for Canberra and Southern NSW.

Canberra Metro area has around 420k and when you consider Albury-Wondonga (90k) and Wagga (55k) you are looking at aorund 600,000 people in the catchment area. And with flights to Singapore and Wellington - that opens up about 50 cities with international one stop access from Canberra.

It's really an underated city to me too. Canberra is so unique and beautiful. I hope this works for inbound and outbound traffic

1 on 20/1/16 by Demonoid

I live in Canberra so I am ecstatic about this, but people need to stop including Albury-Wodonga into the mix. It takes just as long to get to CBR from A-W as it does to MEL (about 3 hours), and MEL has a lot more options than CBR.

4 on 12/1/16 by deany83

This could work really well if Virgin supported it with their domestic network.

1 on 12/1/16 by Mal

What type of 'support' do you expect that to be, Deany83? Not flights from SYD MEL or BNE into CBR to connect with this flight, as those three cities already have plenty of SQ flights to SIN. And as Perth and Adelaide also have SQ flights, so exactly who should VA be flying into CBR to connect with this flight?

1 on 13/1/16 by Dave

How about feeding into the Wellington leg? Perth - Canberra - Wellington maybe?

2 on 20/1/16 by KK

At least an extra option for Sydney, as the last SQ flight departs before 8pm.

5 on 12/1/16 by Ozone

Finally! It's hard to believe that no carrier has done a Canberra / Wellington leg before now! Lift your game Air NZ / Qantas

6 on 12/1/16 by emirates777

As a Canberra resident. This has been a long time coming. I really do hope SQ does well out of this and the canberra community (and surrounding areas) support this new service. Will be interesting to see how SQ prices themselves out of CBR as opposed to SQ. I would assume it would be cheaper for them to fly out of Canberra than Sydney? If the saving is significant, could you see people from Western Sydney skipping SYD and flying out of Canberra (only 2 hrs drive)?

1 on 12/1/16 by hutch

I'd actually expect that the prices will be more expensive. But we will see I guess.

7 on 12/1/16 by wilsoni

Anyone noticed SQ a330 has only one toilet for 30 J pax? Similar to ratio in economy.

1 on 12/1/16 by Chris

There were two lavs on my last SQ A330 flight - one on the left and one on the right at the rear of the cabin.

1 on 12/1/16 by wilsoni

Odd: starboard J lav not shown on Seatguru nor SQ seat maps. Glad it's there though. 

8 on 12/1/16 by BizTraveller

This will also means there will now be another option from NZ through to Changi - however, the limiting factor will be at the NZ end of the 2,300km transtasman sector as WLG airport is only 2,081m long. An A330-300 requires 1750m to land but is likely to be payload limited on departure as it usally requires between 2,200m & 2,500m for safe takeoff.  All the same good news for our nations capitals.

1 on 12/1/16 by Dave

With only a 3 hour flight back to Canberra, you will probably find they load it up with minimal fuel

9 on 12/1/16 by Jimmy

Canberra Airport is an excellent airport with great faculties. But it's burdened by the fact it's too far from Sydney to be a second airport, but also too close to Sydney to be its own International Airport. Singapore Airlines is taking a bet with this one, but I hope it turns out well. Now where was that high speed rail between Sydney and Canberra?

1 on 20/1/16 by Demonoid

Its too far from Sydney to be a 2nd aiport...true...unless they build the high speed rail and then its about the same time to sydney airport vs a car trip from western sydney (i.e. about an hour).

10 on 12/1/16 by Ranjan

The fog during winter in Canberra is a well known problem. a Lot of fight delays due to heavy fog during winter is going to be a challenge if they don't schedule it to land and take off  during evening times.

1 on 12/1/16 by BizTraveller

Don't worry WLG has its own challenges with both fog and wind to contend with.

11 on 12/1/16 by Himeno

Somewhat unexpected.

Maybe CX next in an attempt to get more flights without needing to increse the air service agreement 70 flight cap.

12 on 12/1/16 by TheRealBabushka

SQ's flying to Wellington??!!

That's bigger news!!!

13 on 12/1/16 by Simon

I thought Air Pacific (as they were known then) flew CBR-NAN for a while?

1 on 12/1/16 by patrickk

Yup they did with a 737

1 on 12/1/16 by Simon

So that would have been Canberra's first intl service I guess, not upcoming SQ. Cheers


1 on 14/1/16 by abc

It lasted for about 6 months.. But before that there was Britannia Airways. They flew a 767-200 from LHR (Luton) via the middle east, Bahrain I think, then SIN with immigration done in Cairns both ways. It then flew on to Canberra. It was a seasonal thing. From memory, Caledonian also flew to CBR on a seasonal basis. And of course Britannia 737's were here during pilots strike. And just another thing about CBR. Everyone was very excited about the QF 5th engine flight to JNB. Well in 1977 Alitalia landed the first 747 at CBR. It was doing a tag SYD-MEL run, but had a major engine fail. Did'nt have stairs tall enough to reach it. The next day they flew another 747 in that carried a 5th engine from SIN. Ah, the good old days.

1 on 20/1/16 by sgb

Just on the old pilots stike, I remember taking a $75.00 return Mystery flight from Melbourne to Sydney on a 'Monarch' aircraft from the TAA/Australian terminal, the aircaft was very long, a stretch version of something, possibly a DC8, can't remember what it was, but I do remember when we got in at Sydney it stopped short of the gate and then had to be towed in, and the same again back into Melbourne. Virtually everyone on that aircraft was a mystery flight passenger, even then it was only half full.

2 on 12/1/16 by Himeno

They did for a while in the old terminal. Arround the times it was operating, they pulled temp immigration equipment out of storage and blocked off an area around the gate.

There has also been some one off charter flights to NZ (normally for some sporting event)

14 on 16/1/16 by Trevor

I have some doubts about the viability of this plan. Some years ago I facilitated FJs entry into CBR ex NAN and while it ran for some three months there was insufficient demand to keep it going and FJ eventually pulled out. While I dont doubt there are seasonal opportunities for international travel into CBR I dont believe RPT is sustainable....but lets see!

1 on 18/1/16 by AJW

The difference was Fiji was a route with point to point traffic but SQ Cbr-Sin is a point to hub route. Makes all the difference.

Additionally sq are combining two routes that would be unviable on their own in that the sin-Cbr leg will carry a % of pax going on to WLG and of course CBR-WLG will carry a % of pax doing just that sector. 

15 on 17/1/16 by Stewart

What does it say about our national carrier, that the only international flights out of our national capital, will be done by a foreign carrier?

I'll bet SQ will pick up substantial on-carriage to other destinations from Canberra public servants preferring to transit Changi rather than Mascot.  MORE desirable revenue that QF won't get.

1 on 17/1/16 by AJW

You have answered your own question. It is not viable for Qantas because when passengers get to Singapore they have no partner except for Jetstar to on forward to. So Qantas could only Carey's point to point passengers. 

now interesting stat only 20% of all passengers who fly to Singapore enter Singapore as their own and only destination. So 80% are either in direct transit or using Singapore as a stop over. That's why sq has multiple flights a day from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc but Qantas can only manage 1 or two from the larger ports. 

1 on 18/1/16 by Stewart

Good insights.

2 on 20/1/16 by GoldenClub

Trev, I'm flying Finnair to Zurich via Singapore, flying Finnair's oneworld Partner, QANTAS to Singapore. British Airways also offers a oneworld connection through Singapore that QANTAS passengers could connect with. 

QANTAS made a deliberate decision to scale-down Singapore because it though Dubai would be a super-popular transit option for Australians. Increasingly I am hearing Aussies say they will not transit through Dubai again. 

Time to reinstate Singapore as the jewel in the crown I say!

1 on 20/1/16 by AJW

Europe is small fry, Asian traffic is where it is at, and the timing of these SQ flights is testimate to that.

Of course some European connections too, but that isn't the main game.

2 on 21/1/16 by tronixstuff

Yup. When you're in SIngapore, you get the feeling that they really want you there, and there's lots of fun to be had. When you're in the ME, you get the feeling that you'd rather not be there. 

16 on 19/1/16 by abc

Announcement of 4 flights a week from August  Wed 20th at 11AM

17 on 20/1/16 by emirates777

Odd timing for arrival into Singapore. a 5:50am arrival doesn't offer too many options for onwards connections to Europe. Only one of the London flight leaves in the morning. The rest of the European flights leave at night. that leaves a pretty lengthy layover in Singapore. Not sure how many business pax will be keen on this?

1 on 20/1/16 by Looking

But great connections for intra Asia travel...this is the Asian century remember!

1 on 20/1/16 by AJW

Those connections are what makes the whole thing viable!

2 on 20/1/16 by AndrewYes

I agree, I believe the service to be more for connections to Asia and India.

On a side note, who is keen to go on the first CBR - WLG?

18 on 20/1/16 by Looking

This is awesome, a fantastic initiative that will serve the Monaro, South Coast and Tablelands very well. Definitely a sizable number of Asians who want to explore something that is less urban and congested than Sydney or Melbourne.

So if this works does this make Badgerys Creek irrelevant / white elephant before it has been built?

1 on 20/1/16 by Demonoid

The only way to negate a need for a 2nd Sydney airport would be to build the High speed rail.

From a domestic point of view, it would almost eliminate CBR to SYD air traffic, and also put a sizeable dent in MEL to SYD and SYD to BNE.

From an international point of view, it would mean SYD to CBR in just 1 hour with mininimal time spent getting through security/immigration/passport control etc. People living in the west of Sydney could travel down the Hume and be at the aiport within 2.5 hours.

I imagine CBR would need a daily flight to SIN, HKG, LAX and DXB at a minimum

19 on 20/1/16 by vincent88

Singapore Airlines has been patient and waiting a long time to secure better access in Australia after the airline was frustrated in 2001 by Qantas and the Government in its attempt to buy/save the now defunct Ansett Airlines franchise and enter the Australian domestic market.  This will also put Canberra and its new airport on the international travel map.  It will also provide a direct air link between two capital cities and Australia's closest and most valued partner - New Zealand. Congratulations to all involved in Singapore, Canberra and Wellington, who have worked patiently to see this vision finally get off the ground.  A good news story! :)

1 on 20/1/16 by TheRealBabushka

The diplomatic corps from Europe and Asia will surely find this option a lot more appealing!

I'm guessing EK is gagging to get on the action. I wonder if QF will let them...

20 on 20/1/16 by capitalstar

A B777? All the reporting thus far has said A330. Wow - a 777 that's a lotta seats.

1 on 20/1/16 by Chris_PER

Actually, the A333 holds more seats at 285.  I was surprised that Wellington could handle a 777.

2 on 20/1/16 by AJW

It is a 777-200ER, in SQ config it has less seats overall compred to the A330-300 but about 10 more J.

The J seat is the same design as that which is used on the SQ A330-300, little more leg room and width being a 777.

Down back not much difference.

Only other core difference is the IFE on the 777-200's is eX2, whereas eX3 on the A330-300's. So little less content and a lot more clunky.

1 on 20/1/16 by capitalstar

Is that so? I'm surprised but come to think of it there's a fair difference between the 772 and 773, which I suppose is what I had in my mind. So, a 777 to Canberra...

21 on 20/1/16 by CloudsAbove

A definite challenge to land a 777 in WEL with short runway and often strong winds.

1 on 20/1/16 by lind26

Yes not sure where all the A330 comments surfaced from

1 on 21/1/16 by AJW

The talk, including in this very article was the aircraft earmarked to operate to Cbr was the A330-300. But as we know the announcement was 777-200er. Seeing as these a/c are on their way out will be interesting to see what operates it long term if it all proves viable. Maybe 787 when SQ get them. 777-300 and A350 all a bit big.

22 on 20/1/16 by henrus

Won't happen due to the Australian's not trusting people but if you have transited in Cairns you would know that if the flight departed from another Australian International terminal then you don't have to reclear security.

It would be great if the flight especially on the way back from WEL-CBR, pax do not need to go through security again before the CBR-SIN flight.

It won't happen cause I'm dreaming but it would be nice...

1 on 21/1/16 by Stewart

Trust.  LOL.  Reminds me that until recently when UA started flying direct from LAX to MEL, that we had to go into SYD.  They then forced off of the plane even the passengers going on to MEL, made us go thru "security" to get into the transit lounge, and then go thru security again to get back onto the plane.  Insane.

23 on 21/1/16 by aniljak

Are singapore airlines on a major expansion into australia and new zealand? Looks like somebody up there has cottoned on to the fact that Qantas is neglecting many australian cities. wouldnt suprise me to see SQ start services Singapre - Townville - Auckland, Singapore - Hobart - Christchurch, Singapore-Broome, Singapore-Adelaide-Christchurch and gain a foothold on under serviced routes

24 on 21/1/16 by aniljak

SQ may also look at Singapore to Fiji via an Aussie port. They are keen to get into South Pacific.

25 on 21/1/16 by aniljak

Here is a route to consider: Singapore - Alice Springs - Hamilton Island. Loads of tourist potential!

26 on 21/1/16 by Chris McKellar

Air New Zealand will be doing the ground handling/check in, at Wellington. SQ, VA, Air NZ and Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers  will be using Air NZ international Koru Lounge. With SQ flying WLG/CBR/SIN, will strengthen Wellington Airport company buisness case for the NZ$300 millon runway extension for B787/A350 aircraft plus the runawy extension will allow Air NZ's new A321 neo aircraft to take off under maximum take-off weight. Currently the terminal is under going a NZ$58million upgrade which will be completed by Jun 2016. Air NZ Wellington domestic and International lounges will be upgraded at the same time.

1 on 21/1/16 by adelaidefc

That's interesting - so WLG can't take a B787/A350 at the moment? Guess that would mean this route would have to be very last on the list to replace the 777-200 with the A350's? :(

In fact if the route survives long enough eventually SQ won't have a plane that could do it without the runway upgrade. 

27 on 22/1/16 by Chris McKellar

B787 can take off and land at Wellington but not at maximum take off weight, so B787 flights are currently restricted to east coast Australian and Paciffic Island destinations. Air NZ has done proving flights out of Wellington and the aircraft handles expectionaly well in Wellington's weather. Air NZ does fly B772/B773 on special flights into Wellington, so the the necessary ground handling equipment for B777 is already available. Where SQ will make make for the CBR/WLG/CBR sectors, is air freight. Currently international air freight for the Wellington and the surrounding regions have to be routed via Auckland  or Christchurch making it expensive for local manfacturers. Having a WLG/SIN 'Direct' link and with SQ services to Asian, Indian and European destinations, makes it a cheaper alternative, than going through Auckland. Since Air NZ is the major shareholder of VA, there is alternative freight routing on VA services from CBR. The catchment area for the WLG/CBR/SIN service is similar size as CHC. Regional airfares from Napier/Hastings/Nelson to Auckland or Christchurch are expensive, so having the WLG/CBR/SIN service would be a cheaper options for  the regions, especially with Wellington going to be the secondary hub for JQ NZ regional services plus the increase of 2 tier airlines flying in and out of Wellington, SQ sees plenty of growth out of Wellington. There was a ealier posts concering a SQ SIN/NAN service, I would suspect, with the introduction of Air NZ's new A321 neo aircraft which will be in business and economy class configuration, there might be a WLG/NAN Air NZ service using a A321 with a VA/SQ code share, enabling SQ to have a SIN/NAN link especailly when the new Rydges Wellington Airport is built later this year. SQ is a cautious carrier when it comes to route development, so they can see long potential in the SIN/CBR/WLG service. I wonder if QF will operate WLG/CBR//WLG service for their big brother EK?.

1 on 22/1/16 by vincent88

SQ will have done a thorough examination of the viability of the proposed route and future growth prospects.  The airline is very strategic.  Once the route is established and making good economic returns for SQ (and its partners Air NZ and VA), Qantas will no doubt launch a CBR/WLG/CBR service and try and steal market share from SQ.  Watch this landing slot!

1 on 22/1/16 by AJW

Doubt it. There is nothing for Qantas in a CBR-SIN route what so ever. As mentioned several times what makes it viable is the combined traffic from two cities PLUS the connections in Singapore. Take away the connections you have a few hundred passengers a week max. 

cbr to NZ maybe but probably Auckland over a smaller city as a point to point route. 

28 on 22/1/16 by John

I see some good things happening here tourism-wise. There are a good number of high-demographic travellers from NZ (and Singapore) who are going to love the burgeoning food and wine region around Canberra. And the ability to avoid going through congested Sydney and battling their way for three hours down the Bruce Highway.

Beyond Canberra, you are right in the NSW heartland for road touring to say the other wine districts such as Orange, the mining towns out west and the Riverina. further on. 

The cynical part of me also thinks that with the VA codeshare,  if the route doesn't pan out as well as as expected they could simply whack a 737 on to the CBR-WLG route and reduce frequency. Probably still going to make a dollar.   

1 on 22/1/16 by John

Oops, I meant Hume Highway. Know it well ;-)

29 on 22/1/16 by Kanishka

it is not a patriotic move. bussines and money will ruin the country finally. that is my view.

Australia must guard this country  more now as it has opened all the places to all and every one already and we can see where Qantas is going down and where all the other thirdparty airlines are dominating. once this singapore airlines wanted to fly SIN-SYD-LAX. will they sell tickets for peanuts. NO. So Aussies too will not get benifitted from these third party airlines either. So what is the point of giving it to them all and every thing in the name of open skys. 

1 on 22/1/16 by AJW

Qantas is on the way up. And third party, you mean foreign airlines dominate SOME routes because of geography not poor business models. Any flight that needs two hops to get to Qantas cannot really compete as they cannot provide that second hop. Exceptions are London where there is enough demand for a few flights and the US where they have a good partner in American Airlines. 


But it thin routes to Asia and routes to Europe except London they simply cannot compete. And what is to blame forbthatbis not Qantas but aircraft technology that allows longer non stop flights and larger aircraft that favours hub airlines.

30 on 22/1/16 by capitalstar

Winder how SG will go getting high quality catering, particularly for J, out of Canberra and Wellington. Can't speak for Wellington, but Canberra isn't used to catering international J class, and you don't get more demanding than SG on the food front. Guessing they'd upload in Singapore and Wellington but skip CBR, given the quick turnaround.

31 on 22/1/16 by capitalstar

Wonder how SG will go getting high quality catering, particularly for J, out of Canberra and Wellington. Can't speak for Wellington, but Canberra isn't used to catering international J class, and you don't get more demanding than SG on the food front. Guessing they'd upload in Singapore and Wellington but skip CBR, given the quick turnaround.

1 on 23/1/16 by ILIKEPLANES101

May even load food for all the four flights in Singapore.

1 on 23/1/16 by AJW

There isn't the galley space for food for 4 flights.

Canberra has Appha inflight catering who know a thing or two about airline food. Shouldn't be too hard for them to cater to SQ standards. BTW SQ catering isn't that special either, good yes but nothing special. Had two flights with them yesterday, choice wasn't that good and quality average.







32 on 24/1/16 by Chris McKellar

Wellington is up with the play for J catering, as Skychef does J class for QF, VA and Air NZ special charter flights. So, I would suspect J class catering will be loaded in SIN southbound to WLG and loaded in WLG northbound to SIN. CBR will do top up catering as required. CBR is more of a cabin servicing and refuelling stop.

33 on 19/3/16 by BizTraveller

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