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Richard Branson gives away one million frequent flyer points on Twitter

By David Flynn     Filed under: Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Australia

Want to top up your Virgin Australia Velocity rewards account? Sir Richard Branson is giving away his entire stash of "over one million points".

Branson's actual tally is 1,035,843 Velocity Frequent Flyer points, says Virgin Australia.

That's about enough for a Virgin Australia business class return ticket between Sydney and Los Angeles plus a return business class Sydney-London jaunt with Virgin partner Etihad Airways.

Virgin Australia has whipped up a contest to have all of the British billionaire's Velocity points handed over to one lucky Australian or New Zealand Velocity member.

So how do you take your shot at adding one million Velocity points to your personal haul?

Jump onto your Twitter account and send a tweet containing

  • the first three digits of your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership number (not the whole number!)
  • the hashtag #WinRichardsPoints
  • and your response to the question "What would you do with Richard Branson's Velocity Frequent Flyer points?"

[Click here to see the full terms and conditions.]

The competition closes at 11:59pm AEDT on Friday 14 February 2014, so get in quick!

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David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis.


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1 on 13/2/14 by KG

I hate it when they single out reader groups who don't use twitter, by making this exclusive for Twitter users.....#wakeupnoteverybodyusestwitter #whynotgivepeoplethechancetoemail #failvirginpromotion

1 on 13/2/14 by Southland

KG you're very irrate about not being able to enter so join twitter its free just like velocity. #jointwitterutwit

1 on 13/2/14 by KG

Just "because it is free" doesn't mean one should join.... This is a Virgin promotion, I would say these are not intended to boost the Twitter member base? If that was the case, sure, make people use Twitter and add to your member base because people who are not a member might join.

2 on 13/2/14 by spinoza

I think people overuse the phrase "fail" for anything they don't personally like. Its not like, I don't like oranges #orangefail. Its only a fail when a significant population recognise it to have failed in its intended objective. 

Time to get on twitter mate. Only takes a minute to sign up. 

email wouldnt be nearly as effective because it wouldn't trend on twitter and far fewer people would hear about it.

1 on 13/2/14 by KG

Just using the Twitter lingo here, you should be used to seeing hashtags and fails, granted, that does not mean you have to agree.

I am not saying they should NOT use twitter, just syaing they should have multiple options. What is wrong with sending a mail to the VA FF members with a link to join in the contest? 

1 on 13/2/14 by Southland

KG have you ever enterted a competiotion or used hacks from AUSBT. No far if oyu have because its excluding all other avenues. Do you think a traveller in pakistan looks at AUSBT. He might not know how to status match.

Thanks for the update AUSBT. Sorry to continue this rant about twitter

1 on 13/2/14 by KG

AUSBT as far as I know always uses an online entry method to partake in their contests, I personally have never seen them offering prizes exclusively via Twitter. Your example re Pakistan makes no sense at all, as if you read my reply I am saying they should offer MULTIPLE avenues to partake in this promotion / giveaway. Sure, use Twitter but offer alternative ways for people to have a chance to win. Eg. e-mail the existing VA memberbase, perhaps let people join on FB, give people a chance to enroll on the VA site (which mentions the twitter promo, re-directs you to twitter to leav your comment) etc. etc.

If you talk about effective promotion I would say having multiple channels is always more effective than just limiting yourself to one....just my 2 cents. 

1 on 13/2/14 by Southland

Look at the positive likes on my posts its blue not red. Enjoy your day and twitter is addictive so understand if your too busy to reply night night

1 on 13/2/14 by Alvin

Why are people so disrespectful these days! Southland, KG may be wrong about Virgin discriminating him and other non-Twitter users but you don't have to "bring it further", looking from his point of view. Look at your positive likes now. Good morning.

2 on 13/2/14 by simonyang

Might this be signalling Sir Branson is considering pulling out VA

1 on 14/2/14 by Alvin

Then he wouldn't be giving his entire stash of points to somebody.

3 on 13/2/14 by Al

Oh big deal, so they are giving away 1 million points on Twitter "but I don't have Twitter so I am being discriminated against"! It's not like Twitter isn't free to join. It's not like you can't just sign up right now and have your own account in less than one minute.Look, Virgin is a very 'hip' brand and their target audience is younger, connected and into social media. Branson is also big on social media. So why shouldn't they use this opportunity to do a viral contest on Twitter and have some fun?


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