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QantasLink upgrade: Boeing 717s get new seats, but more of them

By David Flynn     Filed under: QantasLink, Boeing 717

Qantas is to refit the Boeing 717 fleet of its regional arm QantasLink, installing new seats designed to boost legroom, while taking advantage of the overhaul to add more seats to the shirt-hop jets.

The new seats shift the pocket for magazines and the safety card to the top of the seat, which frees up more space around the passenger’s knees.

The seats are feature an adjustable headrest, a sliding tray table and an extra pocket for storing the likes of a smartphone.

“The refresh will also see the cabin furnishings replaced with an interior colour scheme consistent with Qantas’ contemporary styling onboard Qantas mainline Boeing 737-800 aircraft” a spokesperson for Qantas said.

However, Qantas will use the refit time to install 10 more seats, taking the 717’s total headcount from 115 to 125.

That will likely mean an end to the capacious legroom of row 1, which our Best Seats guide for the QantasLink Boeing 717 called out as the best place to stretch – although seat 1D should still be the choice pick, as the bulkhead doesn't stretch all the way into the aisle.

The first of QantasLink’s refurbished Boeing 717s is expected to enter service in late November.

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1 on 13/9/12 by tronixstuff

Next month they'll probably put another two rows in the Q400s...

2 on 14/9/12 by mitchimus

You have to admire an airline that says - you're the reason we fly - and then goes about making it as uncomfortable as possible by having ever reducing seat pitch in their economy cabins and domestic business cabins. It appears that the poor old cattle class can never have a win - slimline seats to allow better leg room, not likely...just a way to cram in extra rows of seats. I guess we are suppossed to be so engrossed in the flashy entertainment we don't notice.

3 on 14/9/12 by FrequentFlyer

So does that mean that they will have the 737 honeycomb seats put in, or the new 767 leather seat? Also, will they get the AVOD seatback?

1 on 15/9/12 by tronixstuff

They won't put AVOD in a 717 - the planes are operated by Cobham Aviation contracted to QF.

4 on 17/9/12 by watson374

Why does this article's thumbnail on the front page spell Boeing as "Boing"? LOL.


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