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Qantas & Virgin Australia frequent flyers get free SkyTeam status match

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Qantas Frequent Flyer, air france, Air France-KLM, status, Virgin Australia, Flying Blue, status match, Velocity Frequent Flyer

LATEST | Air France/KLM has pulled down the shutters on the Flying Blue status match.

Visitors to the status match sign-up page are now being greeted with this message:

The possibility to apply for a Gold Card from Flying Blue is closed for now! This very exclusive offer was valid for a short period only and we are looking forward to welcoming our new Gold card holders onboard on our flights.

UPDATE | Air France/KLM seems to have clamped down on this status match offer.

The 'fine print' at the bottom of the status match signup page now states that the "Flying Blue offer is valid until 28 February, 2013 and is only valid for Danish residents."

The offer was previously listed as valid through to the end of May 2013 and there was no mention of it being restricted to any country.

PREVIOUS | Gold-class frequent flyers with Qantas and Virgin Australia will be keen to sign up for the free instant status match now available through the Flying Blue program of Air France and KLM.

It doesn't matter if you have no plans to fly with Air France/KLM – the reason to grab this golden opportunity is because Air France/KLM is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, so you'll also be clocking up SkyTeam Elite Plus status into the bargain, which means you get a few extra perks when travelling on other airlines belonging to the SkyTeam family.

That roster includes Delta, China Southern, Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines, all of which fly out of Australia.

Other notable partners which may slot into your 2013 travel plans include Aeroflot, Aeroméxico, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Air Europa, Alitalia and China Eastern.

Your Gold status with Flying Blue will land you the same serve of benefits those airlines provide to their own Elite Plus-grade frequent flyers – such as lounge access, extra checked baggage, priority checkin and boarding plus a 75% miles bonus.

Read: SkyTeam basics for Australian frequent flyers

This promotion applies only to Gold cards – sorry, Silver and below need not apply – and is open to all airlines, so you can also take advantage of this if you hold suitably Gold-plated membership with Air New Zealand Airpoints, British Airways Executive Club, Cathay Pacific's Marco Polo Club, Emirates Skywards, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and so on.

However, if you enjoy higher-than-Gold status such as Qantas or Virgin Australia Platinum, you'll still be eligible for a Flying Blue Gold card.

How to get your SkyTeam Elite Plus status match

Scoring instant SkyTeam Elite Plus status is a simple three-step process:

  1. Register for a Flying Blue account with either KLM or Air France, and note down your membership number;
  2. Take a quick snap of your current Gold frequent flyer card with your camera or smartphone, or scan the card onto your computer;
  3. Head over to the Flying Blue status match signup page, fill out the form and upload the image of your Gold frequent flyer card.
Update: Some readers report problems with the Flying Blue status match signup page because they're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, so if you encounter errors on that page you may need to fire up an alternatiovw browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Thanks to Gary Leff at the View From The Wing blog for sharing the details of this great deal.

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1 on 22/3/11 by joakleigh

Great news, have just signed up!

2 on 23/1/13 by John

A slight note if you're hoping to use this for Delta lounge access — make sure you check the terms and conditions carefully to verify that this is good for what you want, since SkyTeam partner lounge access is only allowed on international flights.

3 on 23/1/13 by Ozkid

done here too, cheers

4 on 23/1/13 by LoveToFly

I am VA platinum and it seemed to work for me, cant beleive its that simple though, gladly take the offer though.

Thanks for the heads up.

1 on 23/1/13 by David

Did you get Gold, then?

1 on 24/1/13 by LoveToFly

Hi David, Yes seem to have gotten gold from the repsonse page

5 on 23/1/13 by dibs

The page is merely a confirmation that you're now comped to gold but rather an indication that your request has been received pending approval, yes, not a great one, I know.

If you login to your FB account, you will see that it is just Ivory or your current FB status.

6 on 23/1/13 by mrp

Sky team's lounge access rules appear to be airline dependent and so are different to OneWorld and Star. To use Delta's lounge with an AF/KLM card you need to have flown internationally on that day. Delta did let me into the lounge with a Virgin card though so if you just want access with Delta then VA status is more useful.

Access at Aerolineas Argentinas was just fine with AF status.

7 on 23/1/13 by wockinwod

I have tried to fill in the form but it keeps telling me I have "not filled in the form correctly".  Not sure what I am doing wrong...all fields filled in, FB number correct, file upload (gives a c:\fakepath address).  Any hints?

1 on 23/1/13 by jDL

Im getting the same error message too - please help with any tips guys!

1 on 23/1/13 by wockinwod

I have had success by doing this from my iPhone and adding a photo. 

8 on 23/1/13 by Al

Success, used my Qantas Gold card and now I have SkyTeam status to match, thanks AusBT!

9 on 23/1/13 by Tezza

All done. Thanks guys. Used my qf plat 

10 on 23/1/13 by sq421

Registered for an account, uploaded a photo of my QF Gold card, was shown a message saying I'm now FlyingBlue Gold, but can't see that status reflected when I log in to my account :-/

11 on 23/1/13 by jDL

Problem solved - doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer (which coincidentally seems to be spotty with Facebook photos too) but upload works fine with FIrefox.

Since IE nearly made me miss out on Sky Team reciprocal status, thats the final straw and I'm going to delete it!

12 on 23/1/13 by Bradley

Keep getting this message from KLM & Air France when I try to sign up to Sky Blue "We're sorry, an upexpected technical error occured, please try again later" 

1 on 23/1/13 by rob1984

getting the same message. Not sure why.

13 on 24/1/13 by tronixstuff


14 on 24/1/13 by Austline

All good used Chrome.

15 on 24/1/13 by rich5011

I signed up as well and it accepted Air NZ GE card and like it says in other posts  got the response page which says 

"you are now FB gold member "

Your gold  card will be sent to you shortly ....but there is no ID  on that page so for all intense purposes one is still ivory as noted in other posts so be intersted to see what happens as i am flying CZ to london in a month ...hmmm 

16 on 24/1/13 by Austline

I am booked on KQ ACC/NBO/EBB/NBO/JNB on the 7th Feb so hope it is processed soon as the lounge would be nice as I am travelling Y.


17 on 24/1/13 by Chris Tudehope

Similar issues. All gone through etc. etc. but there's nothing other than that nice message to indicate that I'm gold...and logging into the account on the Air France site shows that I'm a mere ivory

18 on 24/1/13 by SaltyJ

Done....Thanks for the heads up AUSTBT kudos!

19 on 25/1/13 by Macca

It's a shame they don't do a silver-for-silver status match!

20 on 25/1/13 by rich5011

Hmm still shows ivory. My question is this for real eg  we receive notification we are gold but no recognition on web site. What r we supposed to believe.   

21 on 25/1/13 by Jules

Signed up and received the same message on screen as others 'congratulations you are now a gold FB member' however I did notice before I signed up that the small print says 

'Flying Blue offer is valid until 28 February, 2013 and is only valid for Danish residents'

1 on 26/1/13 by David

Hi Jules - yeah, seems like the offer was swamped and it set alarm bells ringing! The Feb 28 expiry date is new (used to be May 30) and far as I know there was previously no mention of 'Danish residents only'. We're updated the top of the story to reflect this change.

1 on 27/1/13 by rich5011

just had email confirming my welcome into the program >>>>>as ivory , too good to be true , perhaps the gold card will come in the mail!!!!

22 on 27/1/13 by PJ

Tried signing up using my VA Platinum - didn't work.

23 on 30/1/13 by Rose

I just tried to sign up and it states that the offer is closed for now.

24 on 4/2/13 by SaltyJ

I emailed Flying Blue, explaining that I applied for the Status match and received their  "Congratulations Welcome to Gold" message after scanning my Velocity Gold card and attaching it. I also explained that I applied before the date change from May to February and the addition of the Danish Only residents caveat. I enquired if upon reviewing the applications they received would they honour the applications received before the changes were made? I received this response:

"Thankyou very much for your email dated 1st would like to apply to a status match campaign......This offer is subject to specific conditions that have not been met..... we regret to inform you...etc"

I take from this response they will not be honouring any applications received from Qantas or Virgin FF's. The response seemed to read that they took my email as the application and as I wasn't a SkyTeam alliance Gold member of any descritipion didn't care that I applied through the status match pager.  So I wouldn't get any hopes up!

25 on 14/2/13 by F8

I sent an email asking about the status of my Gold account and Flying Blue responded as follows. I'll call them and argue the point that it wasn't specified in the original offer.

Thank you very much for your message dated February 13th 2013. You informed that you wish to upgrade your tier level with Flying Blue.  

Unfortunately we were unable to find any promotions corresponding to your request.

Status matching campaign has been finished and this offer was only for resident in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Should you have any queries, http://www.airfrance.complease contact us by telephone at 8223 9835 from Australia or on website and

 We thank you for your continued loyalty to the Flying Blue programme.

 Yours sincerely,

 Your Flying Blue team

26 on 15/2/13 by SaltyJ

I have read on a few FF sites that people have been hitting the Facebook  pages, of particularly KLM as they seem more receptive, and it seems as though they might honour the matches that occurred before they identified there was an error with the campaign. Apparently the offer was only supposed to be Scandinavian residents and should not have been open to the rest of the world.

27 on 21/2/13 by SaltyJ

Got a response from Air France through Facebook on behalf of Flying Blue and they said they would honour the match!

1 on 22/2/13 by F8

Hi SaltyJ,

Thanks for your tip. I got Gold as well, through Customer Service in Australia, quoting the FaceBook approval in the online forums.

2 on 25/2/13 by 777

I can confirm that my match was honoured also. Thanks to AF/KLM. Mine should get plenty of use. 

28 on 25/2/13 by LoveToFly

I can confirm that I also have gotten gold status come through. Checked my account yesterday and can see it. I was matched from VA platinum. Will be useful to have if using any skyteam airlines.

1 on 25/2/13 by LoveToFly

also just to addmy status match seems to be until 2014

29 on 27/2/13 by rich5011

confirm they agreed via facebook to my status match as well. very polite they were , might just take a flight now!

30 on 2/3/13 by AaronBradford

I received email confirmation today of the match, and my FB account has been updated to Gold. 

31 on 3/3/13 by AirportAddict

Many who signed up for this straight away seem to have their Gold status as of last week. Seemed to be something that attracted far more than expected for FlyingBlue! Happy as!

32 on 14/3/13 by schlaffa

Just got my status match from VA Platinum today, without needing to follow up at all. My registered address was in Canada ... go figure! Baggage allowance will be useful with Delta :)


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