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Qantas to open new Singapore airport lounge on April 11

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Singapore, Qantas Lounge, Qantas Business Lounge, Qantas First Lounge, Singapore Changi

Qantas will open its new lounge at Singapore's Changi Airport on the evening of Thursday April 11, following an official ribbon-cutting event held in the lounge from 2pm that day.

Standout features of the Qantas Singapore Lounge will include "a bespoke dining experience featuring Neil Perry’s Spice Temple inspired dishes and signature cocktails", the airline says, with slightly differentiated service for top-tier Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers.

As with Qantas First lounges in Sydney and Melbourne the Singapore facility will be managed under contract by Sofitel, and in the early days travellers should expect to see some familiar smiling faces from the Sydney First lounge on their arrival at the Qantas Singapore Lounge.

The airline pushed back the opening of the all-new Qantas Singapore Lounge from the original planned date of Sunday March 31, with a Qantas spokesman telling Australian Business Traveller that "the lounge is nearly complete (but) there's been a slight delay as the finishing touches are applied."

Until Thursday, Qantas says that access to other lounges at Changi T1 remains as per previous arrangements (see 'Temporary lounge access arrangements' further down in this article).

Australian Business Traveller will be travelling to Singapore for the opening of the Qantas Singapore Lounge, so keep an eye on our @AusBT Twitter account on Thursday April 11 for first photos and details, with a full feature on the lounge to follow.

Previous | Qantas will open its new lounge at Singapore's Changi Airport on March 31 and is promising "a new standard of luxury" for travellers as part of the airline's renewed focus on Singapore as a destination rather than a stopover point for Kangaroo Route flights to London.

Dubbed the Qantas Singapore Lounge, the all-new facility is being built in the footprint of the previous Qantas Business Lounge in Terminal 1 and according to Qantas, "will offer a new standard of luxury for Qantas customers travelling from Singapore."

It will replace both that lounge and the First Lounge shared between Qantas and British Airways as part of the Qantas-BA joint venture which will dissolve on March 31 as the Qantas-Emirates alliance comes into effect.

As Australian Business Traveller first reported in September last year, Qantas will no longer have a first class lounge in Singapore, based on the rationale that with the airline's flagship Airbus A380s moving onto the Sydney-Dubai-London route Qantas would in effect have no first class passengers heading to or from Singapore.

As previously reported, British Airways will take over the space used by the original shared Qantas/BA First Class lounge (which is now the temporary Business Lounge) to create what the airline describes as "an integrated First and Club World lounge for British Airways customers", although this will also be available to eligible Qantas travellers under the oneworld alliance's reciprocal lounge access agreement.

Temporary lounge access arrangements

With the Qantas business lounge now closed for construction, the following arrangements have been made for Qantas travellers:

  • Qantas First passengers and Platinum One Frequent Flyers have access to the Emirates Lounge (Level 3, Departure Transit Area: turn left after immigration and take the first escalator in front of Gate C1 to Level 3)
  • Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyers have access to the current temporary Qantas/British Airways Business Lounge, which was formerly the First Class lounge (yes, we know it gets confusing!)
  • Qantas Business passengers and Qantas Gold Frequent Flyers have access to the SATS Premier Lounge (Level 3, Departure Transit Area: turn left after immigration and take the first escalator on your right to Level 3)
  • Qantas Club members and Jetstar Business Max passengers will be able to use the Rainforest Lounge (Level 3, Departure Transit Area: turn left after immigration and take the first escalator in front of Gate C1 to Level 3)

However, there's another option for most Qantas travellers – including business class, Platinum and Gold frequent flyers – and that's to head for the Skyview lounge down the far end of Terminal 1 near gate D30, about five to ten minutes' walk from the Qantas/BA lounge area. We reckon the Skyview beats the SATS Premier Lounge hands-down.

Jointly operated by Cathay Pacific and Dubai airport authority dnata, the Skyview lounge offers a great choice of food, especially if you like Asian dishes, and there's both an "inside" quiet lounge (relatively hidden, towards the rear of the lounge and up a flight of stairs) and an "outside" lounge exposed to the hubbub of the terminal. 

Qantas also plans to upgrade its first class lounge in Hong Kong and business lounge in Los Angeles this year, with a new LAX first class lounge to follow in 2014.

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1 on 10/1/13 by TheRealBabushka

Dear David. Where will BA's OW Emerald pax be accommodated?

The OW website indicated the following, "Construction of a new Singapore Lounge is currently underway. Eligible passengers may be directed to an alternative lounge."

1 on 10/1/13 by David

Oneworld Emerald = QF Platinum so they'd head for the current temporary Qantas/British Airways Business Lounge.

1 on 10/1/13 by Peter

I guess that also clarifies why they offer Platinum One members access to the Emirates lounge but not normal Platinums.

1 on 10/1/13 by Peter

Though it doesn't mention where BA First Passengers are accomodated.

1 on 10/1/13 by David

Methinks the Emirates lounge access may be a QF-EK deal, so BA First passengers may need to 'slum it' in the QF/BA Business Lounge with the business passengers, Platinums and Emeralds!

1 on 10/1/13 by TheRealBabushka

Yes that sounds about right. Cheers folks!

2 on 10/1/13 by michael

I flew back through Singapore on Monday night – first day of the temporary arrangements. As a QF Gold I was directed to the SATS lounge. I lasted about 20 minutes – it was massively over capacity and super loud. The wireless internet also struggles. To be honest it was a bit of a shocker compared to either of the normal QF lounges in singapore.

I headed down to the Cathay Pacific “Skyview” lounge and found it much quieter and way more relaxing – the food was also better.

If I was travelling through Singapore again before the new lounge opens I would head straight for this one and forget SATS. I think QF they will need to re assess their distribution of passengers around the lounges - if I was offered SATS as a paying J customer I would be pretty unimpressed.

3 on 10/1/13 by JBH

David - thanks for the update.  I wonder if the 'old' First Lounge will be renovated to become the 'new' BA First Lounge after the opening of the 'new' QF Business Lounge 31st Mar? - would seem long wait for especially for BA 1st/ Emerald OW pax for the appropriate facilities to re-appear?

1 on 10/1/13 by David

JBH: yes, if BA was to proceed with the rumoured plans to open its own First-grade lounge then that's exactly what I would expect to see - BA taking over the space which it used to share with QF for the First lounge, just as Qantas is taking over the space it used to share with BA for the Business lounge.

4 on 10/1/13 by Al

Thanks for the update and the tip on the Skyview lounge, I'm off to Singapore in two weeks and will be sure to visit the Skyview instead of SATS!

5 on 11/1/13 by aviator

No First lounge in SIN but yes in HKG? I would've thought SIN had more F pax than HKG.

1 on 11/1/13 by DrTGanguly

Most of the SIN paid 'F' traffic layover to LHR.  Like HKG if 'F' were to be offered it would probably only attract light paid loads and plenty of upgrades.  Ive never been on a HKG flight with for than 5-6 paid 'F' passengers, if you look at expertflyer 2 weeks out there is always   plenty of F seats on QF127, where as day of travel its full.  I dont htink QF release this sort of data for SIN atm though.  Also they only have 12 planes that offer F now (not including the 4-5 747s that still have old F for QF127.  They simply dont have enough A380s....its a shame really, because just 2 more A380s with F and they could still offer daily A380s to SIN from Melb/Syd..............just my thoughts

1 on 11/1/13 by aviator

That makes sense. Before I only considered purely on competitors' offerings without taking into account transit vs. O&D pax (which was rather wrong of me) because SQ maintains F on SYD/MEL-SIN whereas CX only offers C on SYD/MEL-HKG so it would make sense for QF to follow a similar strategy since it suggests that SIN as a destination had some F pax whereas HKG doesn't.

2 on 11/1/13 by Al

Don't forget that as of March 31st, all Qantas A380 flights to London will go via Dubai instead of Singapore, leaving Singapore without any QF first class flights. Hong Kong has the A380 four days each week, which has first class. So from April there won't be any Qantas first class passengers going to Singapore, although Hong Kong will still have some.

6 on 12/1/13 by Josh

". . .  based on the rationale that with the airline's flagship Airbus A380s moving onto the Sydney-Dubai-London route Qantas would in effect have no first class passengers heading to or from Singapore." So what's the "rationale" behind a First lounge in Auckland, a First lounge in Brisbane and a First lounge in Bangkok? Those ports also no longer have F services. Yes, all three ports are frequented by other oneworld carriers, but in the case of the former two, no carrier offers an F service. As noted, such lounges are not "First Class" loungse but "First" lounges, designed to serve not only First Class passengers but Qantas's top-tier frequent flyers who, once again, find themselves being squeezed just a little more.

1 on 2/4/13 by Joshb

Would hardly call BNE or AKL 'First' lounges, more like International Business of SYD/MEL with the 'Business' lounges at BNE/AKL more aligned with Qantas Club

1 on 2/4/13 by Amjid

I though QF offered First on their LAX and SIN Routes as they use 747's - or are these the 3 Class Configured Planes, rather than 4?

When QF had an Codeshre with Etihad (2010), there were First Passangers, but now the VA, NZ & SQ have an agreement together, EY & VA Customers uses NZ Lounge - meanwhile SQ have their lounge exclusively for them.

With EK-QF Tie-up, there is a 'First' option to SIN (if not on QF), but its with EK (and the EK Lounge in SIN is fine for that).

1 on 2/4/13 by nix584

QF only offer Business/PE/Economy from BNE-LAX/SIN (and in the case of SIN only J/Y for a few weeks in May this year due to the A330). Some 747's which operate the routes may have F seats but these are offered to high tier J pax.

The only airline to offer F to/from BNE is EK (subsequently they're the only airline to offer F to SIN as well) and the EK lounge is light years ahead of the QF lounge. But I'm unsure if QF pax flying out of BNE can use the EK lounge.

1 on 2/4/13 by Waynec

I used the EK lounge at BNE on Sun (31 Mar) when departing BNE on a QF flight. The lounge attendant seemed a little confused about why I was using the EK lounge as there was a QF lounge in the terminal but nevertheless she let me in.

1 on 2/4/13 by nix584

That's good to know, thanks Wayne! I'm departing at 10:10am though, and there's no EK flights between 8:00am and 8:00pm, so will it still be open? And will they allow guests of J pax like QF do? Google has been no help!

1 on 3/4/13 by Amjid

nix584 - I think its best to contact EK in relation to using their Lounge... I know that QFF members can use the EK lounge, but if you are flying QF (and their is no EK flight at that time), I am not sure that you can use it.

Wayne - if I had a choice of QF or EK Lounge at BNE, there is no choice... EK wins hands-down. The QF Lounge is a little depressing and needs an upgrade...(QF have seem to forgotten about the Q in Qantas, with all their effort put on Syd & Mel (rather than BNE - but I suppose thats where the money is...)

Thought EY also offered 'F' to/from BNE - but on trying to book (for a number of different dates between May-Sept, it appears n/a). Though it could simply be sold out!

2 on 3/4/13 by Waynec

nix584: I am not too sure about guest of J class pax. I am pretty sure they will let you in with a guest if you are QFF Gold and above. Like what Amjid said, it will be good to check with Emirates or you could read this Policy Document by Qantas Sales. Hope this helps.

Agree with you guys that EK lounge in BNE is better than the QF lounge. However, it is located at the far side of the terminal and is a long wlak from some gates unlike the centrally located QF lounge. Do allow some time for walking to your gate if you are visiting the EK lounge. And also note that they do not call QF flights (at least when I was there).

1 on 3/4/13 by nix584

Thank you Wayne & Amjid for your help.

Wayne I checked that document and it states "Qantas Frequent Flyers, First and Business class travellers and Qantas Club members will be able to enjoy new lounge access benefits under the partnership. These benefits apply for travel from 31 March 2013." But then goes on to only explain the lounge benefits for P1, Plat, Gold and QP members.

I'd assume that Business Class guests have the same access as QP members?

1 on 5/4/13 by nix584

I confirmed with EK at BNE today that the EK lounge is only open for EK flights. It opens 3 hours before departure and closes after the last person leaves to board.

So unless your QF flight is at the same time as an EK one, you'll be resigned to the QF lounge at BNE.

7 on 2/4/13 by JBH

Could still hear the 'power tools' buzzing yesterday, back thru today and then Friday hope it's open by then.

1 on 2/4/13 by JBH

Update: what a difference a few days make, 7.25pm BA F lounge almost empty BA15/QF78/6/various JQ pax come and gone, thank you Qantas peace now prevails in SG! Appears the lounge is already adopting the BA T5 touch, personalised drinks service, BA uniforms, change in wines/champers, calm, I even clocked some architect/interior designers roaming the lounge earlier armed with floor plans/charts - would expect changes coming on that observation.....

8 on 5/4/13 by Steve

Any news if the lounge is now opened yet?

1 on 5/4/13 by JBH

@ Steve, passing through this afternoon will let you know.

2 on 5/4/13 by JBH

not open - power tools still buzzing.

1 on 5/4/13 by Steve

My wife will be disappointed, she is flying out of Singapore in a few hours...

thanks - looks like they got the planning mixed up big time. Maybe too much focus on the Emirates party.

Cheers - thanks again, have a good flight.

1 on 5/4/13 by JBH

no prob's, from the crack in door it looks pretty fine. I'll be back thru next Wed. I'm in the BA F lounge if your missus need's guesting Iet me know.


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