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Qantas to open new London Heathrow first, business class lounge

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, london heathrow, airport lounges

Qantas will open a new flagship lounge at London's Heathrow Airport next year as the airline continues to upgrade its international lounge network.

Due to open by March 2017, the Qantas London Lounge at Terminal 3 will follow in the footsteps of its contemporary counterparts at Los Angeles, and to a lesser extent Hong Kong and Singapore,  but give the 'Qantas international lounge' model a uniquely British bent.

While all Qantas passengers will share the same lounge it's expected that additional services – such as free clothes pressing, 'off the list' wines and champagne, and first dibs on shower bookings – will be offered to travellers in first class along with members of the exclusive Chairman's Lounge plus Platinum One frequent flyers.

The lounge will boast a "Rockpool menu and dining experience" with a full-service wine and cocktail bar, showers and a children's zone.

Qantas currently runs two daily Airbus A380 flights out of Heathrow, with the Melbourne-bound QF10 departing at noon and Sydney's QF2 at 8.35pm.

In addition to first and business class travellers the lounge will also be open to Gold and Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club members as well as eligible flyers on Oneworld airlines departing from T3.

Upstairs, downstairs

The new lounge will seat 230 people across a split-level facility located on the footprint of the former SAS lounge at Terminal 3, according to a person familiar with the plans who wasn’t authorised to comment publicly.

The Scandinavian airline shuttered its T3 lounge in late 2014 after shifting flights to the Star Alliance hub of T2.

Qantas currently shares the Heathrow Terminal 3 lounge of British Airways, but sees the substantial investment in its own lounge as a marker for the airline's long-term commitment to London and the Kangaroo Route.

"The Kangaroo Route is at the heart of Qantas' identity and London remains one of our most important destinations" said Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.

"We want the first dedicated Qantas lounge at Heathrow to be something special," adding that it would be "a fresh jewel in the crown".

Joyce – who today reported a record $921 million pre-tax profit for the airline over the six months from July to December 2015 – has previously talked up the possibility of non-stop Boeing 787-9 flights from Perth to London.

That route could see passengers from the east coast cities flying to Perth to make the 14,000km, 18 hour trek to Blighty as an alternative to today's superjumbo stop-overs at Dubai.

Oneworld partner Cathay Pacific is also working on its own new-look London T3 lounge, which will open in June with separate business class and first class zones and take its design cues from the warm residential vibe already seen in CX lounges at Tokyo HanedaBangkokManila and most recently The Pier First Class at Hong Kong (shown below).

Photos, video: Cathay Pacific opens new The Pier First Class lounge

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1 on 23/2/16 by deany83

Looks like paid up Qantas club members won't be able to access the new lounge: 

Passengers eligible to use the lounge will include:• Qantas Business and First Class passengers;• Platinum One, Platinum and Gold members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program; and• Passengers travelling in tiered cabins on partner airlines with a QF code.

1 on 23/2/16 by hutch

I'm sure they will be able too. Plenty of time to fix up those things as they lounge won't open til next year.

1 on 23/2/16 by TheRealBabushka

Agreed. Sounds like a careless press release by someone who has not bothered to validate prior to release. 

1 on 23/2/16 by deany83

You were spot on.

2 on 23/2/16 by moa999

Qantas Newsroom release has been updated - now also mentions Qantas Club

1 on 23/2/16 by TheRealBabushka

Who are they hiring in the newsroom? Know your product people!

Not to mention, they forgot OW equivalents!

2 on 23/2/16 by TheRealBabushka

Excellent news! 

3 on 23/2/16 by Mark

If Qantas Club passengers cannot use this lounge it is a massive oversight by AJ. No doubt AUSBT will get confirmation.

1 on 23/2/16 by deany83

Guess there is still the Admirals Club... it's usually quiet around the time that QF2 takes off.

2 on 23/2/16 by David

Hi Mark - we're late getting to this (busy morning, as you can see!) but we checked with Qantas and yes, as has been noted here and reflected on the Qantas website, the omission of Qantas Club members from the release was exactly that – an omission – Qantas Club members will be as welcome here as at any other Qantas international lounge such as LAX, Hong Kong and Singapore.

1 on 23/2/16 by Mark

Cheers for clarifying that David, much appreciated. As a life member of QC that flys QF regularly to Europe but only 25% in business, it's great to know we will have facilities like in Singapore, HK & LA. Keep up the great work AUSBT!!

4 on 23/2/16 by Harry

I guess this is a big nod to the fact they may begin the non-stop flight from Perth to London! 

1 on 23/2/16 by TheRealBabushka

How so?

5 on 23/2/16 by madge

I wonder why the oneworld airlines can cooperate on lounges at LAX, but not at LHR? T3 has 2x BA, 2x AA, 1x CX and soon 1x QF lounge. On top of that, AY uses a contract lounge at T3??

That aside, looks like it will be a great lounge!

1 on 23/2/16 by moa999

Probably an issue with walls and continuous space - remember LHR T3 is a very old terminal, unlike TBIT

1 on 23/2/16 by LondonAussie

Yes and No!

The AA and BA lounge are adjacent, and many of the guests in both are travelling with either airlines. Its a good point I rasied in another thread about co-sharing.

I suppose each Airline wants to be able to impart its own spin on things and each customer group has different expectations, BA only wants to serve very poor quality Bacon Sangas, whereas AA has a full buffet available, BA has more alcohol and water, AA has fizzy drinks and candy, to name a few subtle differences.

6 on 23/2/16 by Tom

Good news Qantas is now going full pelt for upgrading

7 on 23/2/16 by ryanpst

Just reading online that T3 at Heathrow is due to be demolished in 2019. Could be dodgy facts but why build a lounge for 2 years use?

Maybe a move to a different terminal before a new lounge?

1 on 23/2/16 by jrfsp

Must be a typo , i reckon it might be 2119.

Once T1 has been demolished, and the new runway has been built....

2 on 23/2/16 by Himeno

The plan is to demolish T3 at some point to make way for 2 concourses for T2 much like T5B and C. When T1 closed a year ago, that was planned to happen some time in 2019.

They need to finish building out T2A and T2B first. They might also finish off T5A, B and C and allow the oneworld members in T3 to move to T5.

As for the 3rd runway and T6...

1 on 25/2/16 by Nick Sydney 2

If Boris Johnson has his way we will all be flying into Essex! 

3 on 23/2/16 by Looking

Yes 2019 as announced in June 2015. Heathrow is a public company so if demolition is not occuring in 2019 should have been disclosed.

“We are closing Terminal 1 on 29 June. The next phase will be to demolish Terminal 1 and extend Terminal 2, and then close Terminal 3. - See more at: “We are closing Terminal 1 on 29 June. The next phase will be to demolish Terminal 1 and extend Terminal 2, and then close Terminal 3. - See more at: “We are closing Terminal 1 on 29 June. The next phase will be to demolish Terminal 1 and extend Terminal 2, and then close Terminal 3. - See more at:

1 on 23/2/16 by Himeno

When T3 closes depends on the status of the T2 expansion.

Looking at the airport maps and current plans, they would need to complete expansion of T2A and B, and make some amount of progress on T2C and maybe T5D before T3 can go.

8 on 11/7/16 by Proptika

All well and good for 2017. However, as AN Admirals club is closed,  for loyal Qantas Club Paid Members travelling economy or premium economy there is currently NO QANTAS CLUB LOUNGE at Heathrow T3 where all Qantas flights depart. Qantas Club paid up members have no facility at T3 and the BA lounge people act as if Qantas is something they accidentally stepped in.  Joyce may be making great profits for his shareholders but he is treating his loyal paying customers terribly. 


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