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Qantas teases on super-stretched Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Qantas doesn't even have its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner but the airline is already talking to Boeing about a 'super-stretched' 787-10 edition.

"We would be very exited about a longer and larger versions of the 787" Qantas CEO Alan Joyce admitted at today's media preview of the 787 Dreamliner, "and we are obviously very interested in talking to Boeing about future developments."

For his part, Boeing 787 Vice President Mike Sinnett said the airline was definitely looking at the 787-10 and "right now we like what we see."

"We've (already) designed a version of the 787-8 which is stretched by 20 feet and adds 50 passengers, and that's the 787-9. Further out than that we're thinking about what it would mean to stretch the -9 even further to add additional passenger capacity."

And how many passengers would this drawn-out Dreamliner hold? With Jetstar already planning to pack 300 travellers into its two-class 787-8 and 350 in the longer 787-9, the 787-10 might hit the 400 mark – more than a Qantas Boeing 747!


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1 on 16/11/11 by am

Would be perfect to replace their Asian VLA ops - ie NRT, HKG, SIN, BKK, PVG etc. Max efficiency on routes where the range of the 788/9 aren't needed.

2 on 17/11/11 by Yusef Danet

Didn't Bruce Buchanan just say at the 787 event that Jetstar will fit 330 seats into the 787-8? That's a lot for a 767 sized airframe.

1 on 17/11/11 by David

The Qantas/Jetstar media pack lists the seating as "approximately 300 passengers" for the Jetstar 787-8 and 350 for the JQ 787-9.

2 on 17/11/11 by am

The 787 ISN'T a 767 sized airframe. It is an A330 sized airframe. It fits 2 extra seats per row in Y over the 767. If the QF domestic 767s were 2 seats wider in every row of Y (without adding any extra rows for the extra 2m of length) then they would be 318 seat planes. It's like comparing a 757 to an A330.

3 on 17/11/11 by tronixstuff

Waiting ... waiting ... waiting for the 787. Why JQ/QF doesn't try and get some 777-300ERs is beyond me. I suspect the final purchase/lease price will be much less than originall asked for due to the insane delays .


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