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Qantas returns to Bali with seasonal summer flights

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Denpasar/Bali

Qantas will resume flying its own red-tailed aircraft to Bali this year, albeit only on a seasonal basis, to tap into the premium travel market for holiday-makers.

The Boeing 737s will run between Sydney and Denpasar four times a week from 4 December 2015 to 29 January 2016, supplementing Jetstar's all-Boeing 787 flights.

Qantas is spruiking the flights as a "full service, premium travel option direct to Bali" with inclusions of checked baggage, inflight entertainment and food and drinks as key differentiators against the cheaper Jetstar fares, which begin with a seat and nothing else.

Business class travellers on the route will see "a Rockpool-designed menu served on Marc Newson tableware" plus inflight Kate Spade and Jack Spade amenity kits containing Aurora Spa products.

Flight QF43 will depart Sydney at 5.10pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, reaching Denpasar at 8.50pm.

The Boeing 737 will then turn around to fly out of Denpasar at 10.40pm as flight QF44, touching down into Sydney at 7.40am the next day.

Tickets are now on sale, with business class return fares from $1,933 and economy from $733.

"We know how attractive Bali is as a holiday destination, so through efficient use of our aircraft, we’ve unlocked more domestic Boeing 737 flying time" commented Qantas International CEO Gareth Evans.

"It means we can give customers more choice and cater for the spikes in demand we see over the summer peak."

Virgin Australia continues to run direct flights between Sydney and Bali, although its all-economy Tigerair will take over services from Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to Denpasar from 23 March 2016.

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1 on 17/9/15 by lind26

I just don't think single aisles can compete on International routes. People expect more comfort than that

1 on 17/9/15 by Peter

Bali is hardly a long haul destination.

1 on 17/9/15 by Russell23

It's still a red eye and no fun in a 737 no matter what the class of travel.

1 on 17/9/15 by deany83

getting some good choice, QF/VA 737, GA A330 or JQ 787 out of SYD.

1 on 17/9/15 by riley

Air Asia's flat bed is still the best choice. The lack of pitch and 2 toilets for 160 people in the main cabin make it not suitable. The business product is fine for a day flight but my office chair reclines further

1 on 18/9/15 by petrhsr

Garuda is the best choice to Bali, year-round.  A330 comfort, decent seats and pitch in J, and the crews are very good indeed.

2 on 17/9/15 by patrickk

I think you wil find most 757s (single aisles) are on international routes, not to mention A321NEOs and the like. Check most intra-Asia flights. Just flew Icelandair and it runs 20+ 757s from the US hubbing through Reyjkavik to Europe and it is an airline of choice to Europe for many Americans who want to avoid big airports. Personally I cannot see the difference between a 3 across narrow body or a 3 across row in a wide body.  More srtting optiosn on long haul that is all.

2 on 17/9/15 by TheRealBabushka

Bali? Really???? Hmmmmm ok.... Good luck with that.

1 on 17/9/15 by RK

You'd be surprised. Bali has a lot of ultra-expensive, top notch resorts and places to stay now. There is actually a premium market there that may suit QF.

1 on 17/9/15 by TheRealBabushka

ultra-expensive as in gauche?

1 on 17/9/15 by Doubleplatinum

Exactly, still an upmarket bogan bus

2 on 17/9/15 by madge

I agree - while Bali still has the trashy Kuta area, a lot of Bali isn't that cheap anymore.

1 on 17/9/15 by Doubleplatinum

Just because something is expensive doesnt mean it has any style

1 on 17/9/15 by madge

Money is money, whether it comes from a stylish Hermes wallet or a trashy Guess handbag.

2 on 19/9/15 by abudhabi1

I agree.I just did the math and anything decent is close to three grand based on peak season with sightseeing in the better areas of Bali.I would have no hesitation to go back and I am even considering it for 2016 once new work commences and doing it as a Christmas Holiday.You pay more for say Singapore or Penang these days or almost as much.

2 on 17/9/15 by riley

There's two type of people when it comes to Bali; those that love it and those that haven't been. It caters for all markets, especially the luxury market.

3 on 17/9/15 by obanpointer

Cx and both fly premium J to bali. just because it attracts some of the detritus of Australian society does not mean that it is not a beautiful place with world class resorts and facilities. Having just spent 3 days in a suite at the Peninsula in Hkg and 7 days at club med in bali there is no contest which wins hands down. bali every time for wonderful family holiday.

3 on 17/9/15 by NBShone

Hmm. Also good luck. If I won a free trip i still would not go.  Who would want to go to bali in jan in Australia. Bondi beach. ST Kilda beach. Why would you leave. Dec Jan In bali is off peak season

1 on 17/9/15 by riley

St kilda beach?

1 on 17/9/15 by Mark

My thoughts exactly....;) Bondi & Gold Coast, but St Kilda...really?

2 on 18/9/15 by petrhsr

Dec/Jan would be for the school holiday peak season.

Seriously, who would go to the vulgar boganic dreckitude of the Goldy when they could shack-up for two weeks at the St Regis in Bali? 

1 on 19/9/15 by abudhabi1

I have been to the Gold Coast and It's not all that bad but after America the year before was let down by the theme parks.The Sightseeing was the best part though.

4 on 17/9/15 by TomCharlie925

Great! If only this flight was all year round. then we would be able to see all four major players in the Australian aviation industry (QF, JQ, VA, TT) all fly to Bali. How exciting would that be!

1 on 17/9/15 by Doubleplatinum


2 on 17/9/15 by TheRealBabushka

1 on 17/9/15 by eminere

Haha LOVE this!

5 on 17/9/15 by Yohy

good news to get another full service carrier to DPS, the failling dollar will only drive more vacationers there at the moment.

QF will be able to deliver better OTP as JQ suffers from lack of aircraft causing delays and cancellations.

The 737 is not ideal for a flight this length but frequent flyers will be able to snag front rows and J upgrades which should help - The cabin of JQs 787 is only marginally better than a single aircraft anyway with the high density (and painful) seating.

6 on 17/9/15 by abudhabi1

Not a bad choice but I admit i would prefer a A330 OR A 747-400 on this sector but still compared to a low cost carrier is better than nothing.

1 on 17/9/15 by Peter

They'd really struggle to profitably fill a 744 on this route...

1 on 17/9/15 by abudhabi1

I did it way back in 2000 on a 744 coming home and it was a 763 going over.Can anyone tell me how much has the market changed and the people who go to Bali these days is now.I know P&O AUSTRALIA have done the math comparing one of their South Pacific Cruises to a Bali Holiday and then you have such excellent value for money local options like Cairns or the Gold Coast but am curious to want to know more.

1 on 17/9/15 by madge

Back in 2000, JQ didn't exist yet. So for QF they could only send their own planes. At the time QF didn't have 738s, so their only options were 767/747 in order to reach SYD-DPS.

1 on 17/9/15 by riley

Neither did air Asia, VA (int) and air paradise (defunct Bali based carrier serving Aus.) the only choice was Garuda or qantas.

1 on 18/9/15 by abudhabi1

At the time I went back in 2000 we also had Ansett but that as an option disappeared for good by the time I was about to book my second trip there.I had it pretty good with Qantas even if it meant flying via Sydney to Bali from Adelaide.

7 on 17/9/15 by Tom

Always nice to see more competition on the route. I think they are only adding a 737 on the route as the route mainly attracts leisure travellers/young party goers. Seeing that they don't like to fork out the big money, they tend to travel on low cost carriers.


The main pax load I see on this flight would be families, and other holiday makers. There also might be some schoolies travelling on the flights.

8 on 17/9/15 by eminere

It's Kate Spade, not Kate Space.

1 on 17/9/15 by Chris

Cheers for the pick-up, eminere, typo fixed.

9 on 17/9/15 by Brad

Really not much chop when traveling to Indonesia for business and have to sit upright on the overnight flight home. Better on the A330 Qantas from Jakarta or Garudas A330. Flat beds 

10 on 17/9/15 by johnnypc67

Well I actually prefer Jetstars 787 business class for this kind of trip. The good thing is they have an afternoon flight back to Melbourne some days, leaving around 2.30pm Bali time which is perfect 

11 on 17/9/15 by Looking

I am liking the creativity of routes, in particular for short / peak periods QF is offering.

Would be wonderful if there could be some winter sun destinations direct from Canberra, help those of us on the Tablelands efficiently defrost for a week or so each July & August.


Canberra could become the Gatwick of the south

1 on 18/9/15 by Doubleplatinum

Keep dreaming

12 on 18/9/15 by motef

When will these be availble to book?

1 on 18/9/15 by David

You can book them now.

13 on 18/9/15 by parishiltons

An overnight flight these days in business has to have a fully flat bed seat. A domestic configured 737 just does not cut it. QF used to run 767s on the Bali route. Sure they did not have lie flats but had what was the business class standard of the day - large chairs and with heaps more leg room than a dom 737. If QF really want to genuinely claim to have a premium service then it needs to put on at least A330s.

1 on 19/9/15 by abudhabi1

I agree and it sucks there is nothing to fill the gap in capacity between the 737 and the A330 on this service these days.I did this service way back in 2000 on the 767 over plus got a whole row to myself as the plane was not full plus 747 coming home Granted It was in Economy but compared to the horror stories I heard from the rest of my gang about what they went through with Garuda I had it pretty good.


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