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Qantas' Olympic Games boxing kangaroo Boeing 747

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Boeing 747

Qantas has adorned one of its Boeing 747s with a boxing kangaroo in the countdown to this month's London 2012 Olympic Games.

This pic, snapped by Olivia McGrath this afternoon and posted on Twitter, shows the jumbo emblazoned with a golden kangaroo with gloved fists paws up, ready for the fight.

The iconic 'flying kangaroo' on the 747's tail also sports boxing gloves, while the 'Spirit of Australia' slogan has been tweaked to read 'Spirit of the Australian team'.

While the plane is now flying one of Qantas' standard routes between Australia and the US, a Qantas spokeswoman confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that this Boeing 747 will be the official plane used to ferry Aussie athletes to and from London's Olympic and Paralympic games.

Anthony Jackson caught this great shot of the Boeing 747 (registration VH-OJU, for those who care about such things) as it left Sydney for Los Angeles this afternoon.

Qantas has been a long-time sponsor and partner of Australia's Olympic and Paralympic teams, while the boxing kangaroo is a pop culture symbol that's often considered as "Australia's sporting flag" and is the official mascot of the Australian Olympic team.


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1 on 16/7/12 by Al

I like it!

2 on 16/7/12 by Bradsta

Odd choice to use a 747 when they don't fly to London anymore tho isn't it? I like it tho :)

1 on 16/7/12 by David

Not really, as this will be the official plane for carrying the athletes to London...

3 on 17/7/12 by am

I was hoping that they would bring out a surprise Aboriginal livery A380 just in time for the games... Also nice that they've adjusted the tag line - "The Spirit of the Australian Team".

4 on 18/7/12 by Gabriel

Sorry, but I thought that's a pretty lame attampt ... think I can do a better job then that....  here's one I did a little earlier


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