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Qantas: new First Class lounges for Singapore, Hong Kong by year's end

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, Qantas First Lounge, airport lounges

Qantas will open new First Class lounges at Singapore and Hong Kong airport by December this year as part of a $15m investment in its premium services for top-paying travellers.

These will be followed in 2013 by all-new First and Business lounges at Los Angeles, with a footprint some three times larger than these lounges currently occupy.

"We are looking at the very end of this year for Hong Kong and Singapore", a Qantas spokesperson told Australian Business Traveller, "and we are still working on a (2013) timeframe for Los Angeles".

That will be welcome news for travellers to LAX who often face cramped quarters at both lounges before piling onto their Red Roo A380 or Boeing 747 for the flight home.

And while the Qantas First Lounge at Hong Kong (shown above) is in decent nick, there's no arguing that the tired lounge at Singapore's Changi airport shows plenty of wear and tear  – and neither facilities come close to matching the superb Qantas First experience at Sydney or Melbourne airports.

All three new lounges will be modelled along the same lines as Qantas' highly-regarded First lounge in Sydney, and its smaller Melbourne sibling, with a contemporary design by Marc Newson and a Neil Perry menu.

Also on the list are 'concierge services' provided by Sofitel, although there's no word if the lounges will include table service for meals or remain as a DIY dining with a plate-around service for selected dishes.

The First lounges will be open to passengers travelling in First Class as well as Platinum-grade members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer programme and Emerald members of partner oneworld airlines such as British Airways (Executive Club Gold), Cathay Pacific (Marco Polo Club Diamond) and American Airlines (AAdvantage Executive Platinum).

Have you just hit Platinum status? Don't miss our guide to making the most of your visit to the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney or Melbourne.

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1 on 11/5/12 by AirportAddict

I wish these lounges were just Qantas lounges and BA just used them as part of reciprocal lounge access arrangements. With the way it is, you have a BA/QF lounge which is 50/50 between the two. Qantas should take full ownership of the lounges and just let BA passengers use it. I just dont like the compromise. Anyone agree?

1 on 11/5/12 by AirportAddict

Sorry if there is any misunderstanding. Referring mailing to Hong Kong lounge.

2 on 11/5/12 by am

I find there's very little comprimise at all... All the Asian lounges  reflect QF's old lounge style far more than they reflect BA's Terraces concept.

The lounges are really QF lounges, with the BA logo at the door because of the JV... 

1 on 11/5/12 by AirportAddict

am, yes i agree that the lounges dont really reflect anything of the terraces much but if you look at the HK qf lounge it doesnt like the average qantas lounge. looks quite boiled down to neutralise any thought of it not being a BA lounge... does that make sense?

1 on 12/5/12 by am

I get what you're saying, but the HKG lounge reflects what QF lounges were like a few years ago before they started renovating their Australian lounges/before they built the new F Lounges. I agree though that it will be nice to see a bit more of the modern QF-style injected into this lounge though, it feels very boring. I'm thinking the new carpet, some bright red dividers and the new sofas will make a world of difference.

2 on 10/10/12 by Andyzx

Now that we have no timeframe for BA will open a First lounge. 

Does anyone know "other than late 2012 / December" for the QF Business lounge and location, i.e. current J lounge?

1 on 10/10/12 by John

Mate, the instant we have any information on that we'll have an article up on it!


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