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Qantas launches priority 'premium' boarding on domestic flights

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, business class, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity, Virgin Australia, Velocity Rewards, priority boarding, Velocity Frequent Flyer

Qantas will launch dedicated ‘express lanes’ at airports around Australia beginning this month, allowing business class passengers and Platinum-grade frequent flyers to skip the boarding gate queue for domestic flights.

The first ‘Domestic Priority Boarding’ lane is already operating at Perth Airport, where it's been on trial for the past month, a Qantas spokesperson told Australian Business Traveller.

Brisbane Airport is expected to follow on November 28 while Sydney and Melbourne are slated to get their own premium lanes on December 5 and 12, respectively. Qantas hopes to extend the express lanes to Adelaide and Canberra in the new year.

Travellers eligible to use the dedicated priority boarding lane include those in business class, Qantas Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyer members and those with equivalent oneworld Emerald status.

Earlier this year Qantas trialled priority boarding in two gates of its T3 domestic terminal at Sydney Airport.

Qantas competitor Virgin Australia introduced priority boarding on domestic flights at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide airports mid-year, and a Virgin Australia spokesperson tells Australian Business Traveller “we are currently looking at how, where and when we can extend the Priority Boarding footprint to other key ports.”


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1 on 18/11/11 by radiC00l

I really don't get the point of this. I've never found the scanning of boarding passes to take very long, the longest wait is normally on the airbridge.  So you zip through the gate and then wait with everyone else on the airbrige?

1 on 18/11/11 by tronixstuff

Me too. The plane isn't taking off without you at that stage. And if someone from a higher row number has filled the overhead above your seat, just put their stuff in the aisle and stow your own. That'll "learn 'em for next time" :)

2 on 18/11/11 by scibo10

radiC00I and John, the main benefit I see is that on a full flight, you can put your carry on in the overhead above you rather than 10 rows back where there is space.  It's incredibly hard to get your bag when this happens without having to wait for everyone to get off first. 

Also more time in your seat and relaxing before take-off I guess. 

1 on 18/11/11 by radiC00l

that's true. Although, if you leave the lounge somewhere between the first and final call, it's probably already too late for overhead space (if the flight's full). But I agree it's annoying to have to go hunting for overhead space. And I've never found Qantas staff to be particularly concerned about helping store overhead luggage.

3 on 18/11/11 by stredinnick

Platinum and above only?  Come on Qantas, Virgin deliver priority for Gold.  How about actually enforcing the 'boarding by row number' concept, so the folks down the back don't get held up rows 6-15 who have clearly jumped the queue.

My Melb-Syd with Virgin yesterday departed 10 minutes early - unheard of on Qantas.

4 on 18/11/11 by mattdc

Great. Now all they need to do is match Virgin's other Platinum benefits and they're set! 

5 on 21/11/11 by mrmaxwell

The real question is; would Qantas have rolled out this 'benefit' if Virgin had not beaten them to it several months ago? Gotta love competition...

6 on 21/11/11 by Al

Not sure I see the point in this, don't we all hang around the lounge as long as possible and then head to the gate only after the final boarding call?

7 on 3/3/13 by Michael

I wish Qantas will provide all the Bronze members the same features as Platinum or Gold or Silver at least. Priority Boarding for Platitum and Gold members its absolutely ridiculous. Qantas Priority boarding should be applied to passenger who hold Qantas frequent flyer card that include Bronze, Silver, Platinum and Gold same thing should applied to Qantas Lounge

1 on 3/3/13 by Al

And the point of giving every frequent flyer the same privilges would be.....?


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