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Qantas-Emirates alliance to begin April 2013

By David Flynn     Filed under: emirates, qantas

Qantas and Emirates will join forces in April 2013 in a partnership that will radically redraw the Red Roo’s network map, directing all European flights via Dubai and adding almost 50 destinations in Europe and Africa, while helping speed the recovery of its ailing international operations.

Qantas will retain two daily Qantas Airbus A380 flights, from Sydney to London and Melbourne to London, but both will break their journey at Dubai instead of Singapore.

In a dramatic move, Qantas will end its joint venture partnership with British Airways and all but abandon Singapore as a Qantas hub.

How the Qantas-Emirates alliance will work

As expected, the Qantas-Emirates partnership will involve a codeshare between Qantas and Emirates which will allow the airlines to sell seats on each other’s flights.

Emirates flights will appear on Qantas timetables and carry a QF flight number, with frequent flyers will be able to earn and burn points on Emirates flights and enjoy status-centric perks such as lounge access, priority check-in and a higher luggage allowance – read our report for all the details.

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All road lead to Dubai

Qantas will adopt Emirates’ home of Dubai as a new strategically-located hub in the Middle East with daily Qantas flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth headed to Dubai International Airport instead of Singapore.

From there, passengers will transfer onto Emirates flights and head to their final destination – including some 30 cities across the UK and Europe, which is a definite improvement over Qantas' current options of London or Frankfurt.

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And yes, one of those Dubai routes is include London, which Qantas already serves via its own flights and a long-standing but soon-to-be-terminated partnership with British Airways, and which Emirates has tagged as ‘the Falcon Route’ – a nod to the Kangaroo Route but named after the United Arab Emirates’ national bird.

In fact, the Kangaroo Route from Australia to London via Singapore will be shut down. Qantas will continue some flights to Singapore but treat the city as a destination rather than a stop-over en route to somewhere else.

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Trans-Tasman, too...

Also on the codeshare list will be Emirates’ daily Airbus A380 services from Sydney to Auckland and, starting in October, Melbourne to Auckland – definitely the classiest way to cross the Tasman.

Read our review of Emirates’ Sydney-Auckland A380 flight

Due to the vast capacity of the A380, Qantas is expected to shutter as many as four daily Sydney-Auckland and Melbourne-Auckland flights.

Frankfurt flights axed

Qantas is also ending its daily flights to Frankfurt via Singapore, leaving London as its only European destination.

However, shutting down Frankfurt is expected to allow Qantas to retire some of its oldest and most fuel-guzzling Boeing 747-400s, providing a quick boost to the bottom line.

Download a PDF [385Kb] of the full presentation deck for the Qantas Emirates partnership

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1 on 6/9/12 by yeamanator132

This is wonderful news! I hope this means qantas buys 777-300er's!

1 on 6/9/12 by watson374

Too late. They should have bought them well over five years ago.

2 on 6/9/12 by Peter

I wonder how this will work at DXB airport. Will Qantas be accomodated in the Emirates terminal. Otherwise, will Qantas rely on the BA Galleries lounge?

1 on 6/9/12 by DrTGanguly

Read above, Qantas FF and J/F passengers will get access to Emirates lounges!

2 on 6/9/12 by Darren

Qantas will be the only other airline apart from Emirates to use the dedicated and purpose built A380 Terminal 3.  They will also gain access to the Emirates lounges in Dubai.

3 on 6/9/12 by CaptainCrackers

BA/QF Joint Services agreement terminated effective 31 Mar 2013.

4 on 6/9/12 by hon0001

What does this mean though for flights to Singapore from Melbourne and Sydney? As this is a route I personally fly often.

1 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

Yes! What is going to happen for flights to Singapore?

I hope they will reschedule and have a QF flight out of MEL in the late evening for an early morning arrival. That makes more sense than the current 1530h/1700h departure (to accomodate LRH landing slots).

1 on 6/9/12 by David

Just catching up on all the comments, guys – Qantas is now rating Singapore as a destination (and an 'Asian hub') rather than a throughpoint for London.

Qantas says that they'll increase 'dedicated' services – which means you take the current through-services out of the mix, count how many are just an A to B (where B = Singapore'), and that's the dedicated tally.

They're also going to reschedule those, and HK as well, because the timetable will no longer be built around hooking up with a flight to London (or Frankfurt)... this means they can look to a more sensible arrival time than, say, 10pm! 

2 on 6/9/12 by Darren

The Qantas Asian network is going to be changed.  THe following excert from Alan Joyce's speech;

Qantas will increase dedicated capacity to Singapore, and re-time flights to Singapore and Hong Kong to enable many more ‘same day’ connections across Asia.

3 on 6/9/12 by Southland

JQ will operate

1 on 6/9/12 by watson374

I certainly hope they'll retain full QF on SIN and HKG.

Perhaps because they're no longer slaved to the LHR leg, we can have more decent flight times? Think SQ's three flights between SIN and SYD.

1 on 6/9/12 by Darren

SQ actually have 4 flights a day between SYD and SIN. 2 x A380, 1 x A333 and 1 x B773.  With QF terminating onwards travel to LHR and FRA, I don't think they will need to match SQ's capacity, but lets hope they don't drop their current frequencies.

5 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

Where does Qantas Club member stand in all of this; in particular with regards to Emirates Lounges?

1 on 6/9/12 by DrTGanguly

If you are on a QF flight or a codeshare EK flight you will get reciprocal lounge access and benifits.  Including baggage, priority checkin etc.

6 on 6/9/12 by DrTGanguly

I am intrigued by the 'where a difference of service exists the higher benefit will be offered' Does this mean that if I book premium ecconomy from Sydney to Rome will the Emirates leg from Dubai to Rome be in J as the do not offer W? (this is clearly wishful thinking!)

1 on 6/9/12 by jamesbarutha

I flew BA in Prem Econ back in 2002 when QF did not have it. On one of the legs I could only fly on QF metal and I had to fly Y with no adjustment to price. Very wrong. I can understand why they wouldn't put us in J but they should make it clear when booking and charge for that leg as Y.

2 on 6/9/12 by George

if only! I agree that flying PE on Qantas, will almost certainly mean economy on the Emirates leg.

Likewise on an upcoming flight to Vancouver, I will be flying PE on Qantas but economy in the Alaska leg.

On QF 107/108 before Qantas fly the whole route to New York with the 747 PE passengers were downgraded to Economy for the LAX-JFK sector.

3 on 6/9/12 by John

I'd imagine a more realistic option is to go Qantas premium economy on the long leg to Dubai and then in economy on the short leg to Rome.

7 on 6/9/12 by willvill

It costs approx $1500 return Syd-Akl-Syd on Emiratres business class currently and has for sometime. Qantas are always about $2,000 for the lesser aircraft and service, so which pricing will prevail? I know what I'm betting on the price being when the codeshare begins.

8 on 6/9/12 by jaydenwebster

Great news that will bring Qantas back from the dead!

9 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

Does anyone know what's BA's reaction is to all of this? Will they still continue flights to SYD? Will BA/QF OW relationship outlast the JVA?

10 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

Alan Joyce's comment on BA that they're still very good friends is what Hollywood celebrities say of their exes when they've just split up. Not very believable or reassuring.

1 on 6/9/12 by crosscourt

did you ever believe Mr Joyce?

11 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

Also, I should imagine yield on the SIN/LHR segments would increase for SQ and BA with the massive drop in capacity on that route.

12 on 6/9/12 by elemist

so will this mean we can cash in QFF points for first class on emirates?

1 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

I would imagine so, if tacky bling is your thing ;)

The EK First class suites looks like a gilded hareem.

1 on 6/9/12 by Darren

Etihad have a much nicer First Class product.

Yes having seen the Emirates A380 First Class product i think of it as a combination of Copper Art, plastic and faux wood.

2 on 6/9/12 by crosscourt

bring qantas back from the dead? are you kidding. he's killing it off anyway.

3 on 6/9/12 by Darren

Yes it will.

13 on 6/9/12 by crosscourt

What a bloody disaster! How is this going to effect round the world tickets? What happens to code shares from London to Europe. How stupid it is to fly Paris via Dubai to London. What happens to QFF points if you want to upgrade on EK? Joyce continues to cow tow to every other airline he deals with. Useless. So mad. Question the use of Platinum 1 membership.

1 on 6/9/12 by Darren

You have a very good point when it comes to the Oneworld RTW Fares.  It is very unlikely that the EK services would be permitted based on QF's current codeshare agreement with AF.  If heading into Europe on this fare, you would essentially need to travel on QF metal to LHR and connect with BA or travel CX via HKG.  This might be an opportunity to pick up more RTW Fares ex Australia.  The RTW fares from Australia are used extensively. 

1 on 6/9/12 by crosscourt

the point then is you dont get the QF flight No on CX and it wont be available on BA and you need that to maintain platinum one status and you are right you will NOT be able to use emirates on One World RTWs.

2 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

CDG/LHR can still occur on BA, without codeshare, assuming mileage/point accrual rates between BA and QF remains unchanged. OW relationship is still in place.

Question is, will mileage/point accruals rate change because of the EK/QF relationship, particulary for deep discount economy class fares?

Also will QF allow routing via LHR (connecting with BA) for non-full fare Y class to Europe under one PNR?

3 on 6/9/12 by AusFlyer

Why would you fly Paris to London via Dubai? This partnership doesn't change the fact that QF are part of OneWorld... So you would fly Paris to London on BA just as you do now. (Actually... you would catch the train because it's much better than flying!).

You can still fly to LHR on QF and then BA to European destinations if you want to... but why would you when you will be able to get to the other European destinations with one less stop by flying Emirates from Dubai.....

Now the upgrades etc might be a different matter but if the flights have QF flight numbers then maybe it will be possible.

1 on 6/9/12 by crosscourt

why because you need as many QF specific flight numbers to maintain platinum one, not just platinum. You need 3600 points overall and then 2700 of that has to be on QF to maintain platinum one. to kee that they have you chasing whatever is possible. BTW hate the train.

1 on 6/9/12 by AusFlyer

Fair enough... There is no way I would fly to Dubai from Paris to get to London just to reach or maintain Platinum One status... it doesn't mean that much to me.

14 on 6/9/12 by here2go

While it isn't a big market - DRW-SIN route will only grow for DJ / SQ / MI as JQ codeshare with QF will have less purpose.  Hurry up DJ and get the lounge going!

1 on 6/9/12 by Peter

I suspect QF may continue to codeshare on the JQ DRW-SIN route and pipe passengers onto EK metal... BA/AY will continue to serve SIN as well, but one has to wonder how profitable their flights will now be.

1 on 7/9/12 by Arcanum

I suspect there may be the odd person travelling between London/Scandinavia and Singapore who isn't just passing through en route to Australia!

Given the drop in capacity on LHR-SIN, I suspect BA's flights will do quite well going forward.  As for AY, they will either connect to the remaining QF flights or route more people over HKG on CX.

Frankly, I've always wondered why QF doesn't work more closely with CX.  They're already oneworld partners, and a mini-hub at HKG could provide both European connections and greater access to Asia. For that matter, why isn't QF shifting its FRA flights to TXL/BER to connect to new oneworld partner Air Berlin?

Between the growing Middle Eastern carriers, the possible AA/US merger, the QF/BA rift, and all the lonely Virgins out there, I predict major shakeups in the airline alliance world over the next couple of years.

15 on 6/9/12 by Darren

What I would like to know is what this is going to mean with Emirates fares?  Currently EK, especially in the premium cabins have better/cheaper market fares than QF.  Is this now an opportunity for EK to raise their fares to the traditional QF levels?

Does anyone think there have been opportunities created for JQ with all these changes?

1 on 6/9/12 by DrTGanguly

Yes, I for one would like to see JQ offer a service to SIN form ADL, I suspect the current 3x weekly QF81 will go to make the aircraft available for use between SYD/MEL and SIN/HKG.

2 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

So we were wondering what the benefit to EK is with this tie up. Especially since they already fly to the main capital citites of Australia where a majority of the population lives.

You have just solved the riddle. This tie up could well possibly allow them to increase their yield. Much like the way BA and QF fares tend to be alligned (upwards!). 

More importantly, they can get away with it, if the ACCC gives the green light. The afr has a good diagram, which shows the dominance that EK/QF will have in the Australian market.

16 on 6/9/12 by DrTGanguly

Any bets on the asian aircraft shuffle?   I am guessing that MEL-SIN/HKG will be A330....but in that case they REALLY need to redo the fitout and include premium ecconomy.  1 QF and 1 EK service to SIN a day from MEL provides the 'more frequent service'.  Im betting 747s will be needed for SYD-SIN at least until the 787s arrive....does this signal the end of F service to Singapore?  They could take the 747 currently used for BNE-SIN and replace it with an A330.  Twice daily to SIN with 1 747 and 1 A330 is possible with their current fleet.The biggest lossers I can see are Adelaide and Perth.  Perth is unlikely to be able to sustain twice daily SIN flights with no onwards connections, and Adelaides rather meagre 3x weekly QF 81 will likely go for lack of aircraft....It will be sad to see the national flag carrier pull out of Australia's 5th largest is hoping they review some of the delivery dates.... 

17 on 6/9/12 by radiC00l

The announcement said that QF will fly through Dubai to LHR from MEL and SYD. What about BNE? Will there be QF services from BNE-DXB at least or will it be EK all the way?

18 on 6/9/12 by Peggy

Now I'm really confused. Will Qantas fly to London or will you need to transfer to another carrier in Dubai?  And what does this mean for us in Brisbane? The article isn't clear on this...or maybe I haven't read it properly. 

1 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

I should imagine the route will be BNE/DXB/LHR.

1) BNE/DXB: EK metal

2) DXB/LHR: QF metal

Or BNE/SYD/LHR (with a technical stop at DXB) on QF metal.

So instead of flying on an old QF 747 BNE/SIN to connect to a QF A380, you will now fly on a relatively nice EK 777 (BNE/DXB) and connect on QF A380 (although the A380 segment will only be for 7h and not 13h). And maybe even (to preserve the QF landing slots at LHR) very little sleep on the second leg (DXB/LHR) with a supper and continenal breakfast service leaving DXB late evening.

1 on 6/9/12 by DrTGanguly

By not offering a BNE-DXB flight 'W' will not be offered unless you transit via Sydney....Its also worth pointing out that QF51 often opperates with one of the refurbished which case the EK 777 offers inferior product for J and Y and no W......Lets hope QF think of offering at least a PER-DXB and maybe a BNE-DXB.....the 787-9s are need NOW!

2 on 6/9/12 by David

See second par, Pegasus: "Qantas will retain two daily Qantas Airbus A380 flights, from Sydney to London and Melbourne to London, but both will break their journey at Dubai instead of Singapore."

So yes, for Sydney-London and Melbourne-London you get the Red Roo all the way through.

19 on 6/9/12 by Ron


Now I can use the QANTAS FF points for Emirates flights while Alan Joyce flies QANTAS into the ground. When is the Board going to realise that he is a bean-counting analyst with no idea of brand, customer service or marketing? The bottom line isn't all that matters.

I hope that the new alliance means that Emirates will influence QANTAS and not the other way around. That would be a disaster for Emirates.

20 on 6/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

What's with all the negativity? It's a brand new world. Let's embrace it!

Yes it's not perfect; sure there will be bumps ahead...perhaps big ones (Qantas might be ostracised by other OW airlines and be cut off).

But being EK's biatch can't be such a bad thing!

21 on 6/9/12 by George

At first glance this seems like a great deal for QFF (assuming Status Credits can be earnt on EK sectors)!

Will be interesting to see what impact this might have on Malaysia Airlines when they join oneworld next year. Last year Qantas were talking up a hefty codeshare agreement with MH, proposing to fly QF to KUL and then MH onwards to continental European points. Similarly, this could be a hit to Finnair and their codeshare with Qantas through Singapore. Especially once Qantas reshedule the timing of their SIN flight arrivals. To date Finnair have been my preferred choice for reaching Northern or Eastern Europe and by-passing LHR, but with a one-stop QF/EK option, it seems a non-brainer now (Dubai airport connections aside).

22 on 6/9/12 by Sara

For me, sadly, this is probably the end of flying Qantas.  I tend to fly solo when going to Europe so flying through the Middle East isn't an option for me.  It's not a place that a woman alone would want to find herself stranded.  And this is the voice of experience ... I did get stranded by Emirates in Kuwait and Dubai and it was very, very scary. I got home 50 hours late and it took 3 days to stop shaking.  That scary.  My mobile phone even ran out of juice so I really was alone.   Maybe I could say that lighting doesn't strike twice, but I'm not prepared to risk it. I have flown Etihad, but only when acccompanied by a man.  Emirates customer service after my horrendous experience was terrible. They took six weeks to respond and then they sent me an email in which they clearly thought I was a man, they referred to my wife (who apparently is called Mrs Moore) and they thought I had originated in London, and they basically said 'tough sh*t'. So all in all, it was remarkably unpleasant.  All in all, this is probably it for me with Qantas internatonal and I shall now review my credit cards that deliver points to Qantas, and see how it goes in terms of being able to use what are in effect Qantas points on other airlines (not Emirates).  Sad day.

1 on 6/9/12 by snoopy7787

You could go Singapore Airlines most likely with the changes.They are a much better airline anyway with service second to none,excellent meals and attentive friendly cabin attendants.Flew them 2011 to the UK and on the longer sectors they came up and down the aisles often with juice and water runs was most impressed.My Brothers done the same trip BA and hated it went back Malaysia Airlines and was a lot happier.

23 on 6/9/12 by RR

You can keep it. Emirates has many aircraft with wedgie angle flat seats in a 2-3-2 on both 777 and A330 (which is narower and designed for 2-2-2). legroom not great. A few 777's have flat seats. Most Euro-hub flights are the crud angle flat with 3 in the middle. Rather have a QF380 flat bed all the way to London. Coming back not so bad but hate middle east timings going to Europe. Need a long connection in DXB - you can have an hour on the bus, half hour each way, plus waiting for the bus to load. In Singapore you walk straight into the terminal in a few minutes. Etihad has flat staggered seating and a much less stressed lounge than Emirates, you can really be pushed to find a  seat and the shower queue can be longer than your stopover. So count me out, goodnight Qantas.

24 on 6/9/12 by pprofpopp

Fantastic news.  Australia to Dubai to Glasgow with no transit through Heathrow Hell.  Heaven.

25 on 6/9/12 by pprofpopp

Not clear though how this will affect Qantas's Premium Economy service to UK/Europe. At the moment QF PE on the A380 is in a different league, from say BA (sadly, I flew BA version a few weeks ago and it was woeful).

However.......IF PE to London on Qantas means PE to Dubai but then Economy onwards with Emirates, then that will surely kill that service stone dead as no-one in their right mind would pay PE fare price for half a service.

Or am I mising something obvious?

1 on 6/9/12 by Darren

Don't fear, Qantas will still fly their planes all the way to London (at this stage).  So you can do PE all the way to LHR on QF via DXB.  FRA however may be a different story as you can't do PE on EK metal.  But the alternate option would be to travel to LHR on QF and then transfer to BA for LHR-FRA.

2 on 6/9/12 by David

Yes, Premium Economy is the odd one out here.

If you want to fly to London on PE then you've got to take the daily Qantas A380 service from Sydney/Melbourne to Dubai then onto London.

But, for any other route, you'll be travelling in Premium Economy on the Qantas flight but then having to shift down to economy (or up to business!) on the Emirates-operated leg, because Emirates doesn't have a PE cabin.

However, we put that to Emirates boss Tim Clark at today's presser and he replied that PE was something Emirates is looking into.

26 on 6/9/12 by Peggy

After reading all the above comments, I think I will reserve judgement until the dust settles.  Currently my usual itinerary is BNE-SIN with a night at the Crown Plaza, then the midnight flight the following day to LHR and connection through to Edinburgh.  I have hovered about the EK websight and if new flights run true to form, there will be a BNE-DXB that departs here at 8pm.  I guess the only difference between BNE-SIN and BNE-DBX is that the longest leg is first. 

I've never been to Dubai but as it's on my list of places to see, this might work out well for me.  But I will miss visiting friends in Singapore (and formerly Hong Kong) en route.

Also curious to what will happen with round-the-world flights, upgrades using QF points, etc.  The EK F class looks amazing!


27 on 6/9/12 by snoopy7787

Does this mean Qantas between Adelaide and Singapore will be going down to 737-800's but a better schedule.

1 on 7/9/12 by Darren

Is a B738 capable of doing ADL-SIN? If it can, downgauging to a B738 and then going daily would be a much better option.

1 on 8/9/12 by snoopy7787

In response to DGP It should be able to.Singapore Airlines this time fifteen years ago were using A310's three to four times a week out of Adelaide and that was a wide body plane with 10% more seating capacity than a 738.I hope they keep the service to provide SQ with competition for those of us unable to get on their planes 1 daily and two twice daily three times a week

28 on 6/9/12 by Performa

Sorry but am I missing the point of this QF/EK alliance, why as a QF pax would I fly to say CDG via DXB and change in DXB to an EK flight, why not just fly on EK the whole way!!?? I mean, besides EK's ey, jc and first are way more superior than that of QF's!! 

1 on 6/9/12 by Peggy

I am wondering that, too. 

2 on 6/9/12 by radiC00l

Well if you follow your logic, you wouldn't be a Qantas customer anyway. For those who like the Qantas product, this alliance does give you the option of partly using Qantas if going to continental Europe but massively changes network reach and frequency.

1 on 6/9/12 by Performa

It still does not change the fact that most business people I know including myself who travel frequently like to things to be 'seemless'. I feel that QF has missed the mark in terms of what the market is now demanding, particularly with it's highend customers. Onboard products like EK, SIA, EY, Turkish, Jet, NZ are far better what QF offer. Even the Aust Fed Govt's preferred Carrier to Europe these days is infact EY! It still begs the question, why fly to say CDG on QF and not just go on EK? Not everyone is as loyal as you maybe, most would not!

29 on 6/9/12 by David

Hey AusBT readers: just a quick word to say that we're loving all the comments and thoughts you're sharing on the Qantas-Emirates tie-up, and we're loving even more that it's largely a well-mannered exchange free of the silly sledging which sometimes besets other websites. John and I hope you enjoyed our coverage today, and we've got more (much more) to come on this as the alliance details are filled in and the launch draws nearer.

1 on 7/9/12 by TheRealBabushka

Keep up the good work guys!!! :)

30 on 6/9/12 by aow

Overall, the link works for me as far as a business proposition for Qantas.  As a Darwin resident it makes a mess of my flights to europe.  I am assuming the Air France codeshare to CDG is history.  As Singapore is three + hours in the right direction it worked for us as a Qantas hub.  Now it'll be 3-4 hours in the wrong direction to fly via DXB to europe.Ok Qantas how about a Darwin DXB flight!!!! 

1 on 6/9/12 by Peter

In the eyes of Qantas, Darwin is probably just a regional airport. Qantas may maintain the JQ/3K flights to SIN and then codeshare on EK metal to DXB and beyond, but you won't find any EK flight numbers on those (or any) Jetstar routes. I doubt we'll see QF metal from DRW to any international destinations.

1 on 7/9/12 by aow

a very small cost, I suppose, for living in paradise!!

1 on 7/9/12 by here2go

Been living here for 20 months.  If paradise must have palm fronds that can't be readily destroyed by a shredder, give me hell :)

2 on 7/9/12 by here2go

As I said earlier, while DRW is only minor in the scheme of things, it is a strategic port.  There's a lot of resources in the NT that are now only starting to be tapped.

DJ and MI/SQ are going to be the key beneficiaries of this.  For flights to Europe with OW, JQ can still feed into BA and AY.  However, noting that much of the traffic ex DRW (as opposed to the traffic via DRW) was onto Europe, this could still hurt them if there isn't QF metal waiting on the tarmac at T1 SIN.

There are also rumours that GA is coming back - which for European connections could see SkyTeam (AF/KL/GA) provide some excellent connections to the continent.

3 on 7/9/12 by here2go

Random predicition.  As the OW feeder from Europe to DRW gets further strangled by loss of proper OW metal, and now QF scampering from SIN, could Air North jump ship to to the DJ / SQ camp once Sabre is online (they are hosted on Qantas' Amadeus)?  Could prove to boost Timor Leste tourism with some awesome circle fares DRW-DIL-SIN, or a pleasant stopover en route to somewhere else.

31 on 7/9/12 by rcooper

After all the rumours a predictable announcement, offering good benefits to QF and allowing them to focus developing their international network and scheduling in Asia their prime traffic region, whislt retaining one of their prime long haul destinations, and satisfying their shareholders (at least short term)

For EK a very easy and cheap way to buy market share on what is currently one of their more important markets, knocking out a what is strategically a small competitor for them but very strong in the Australian market place - leaving them to focus on their real competition

It gives them two additional slots in LHR which they desperately wanted without having to pay the high price tag for them - giving them 10 flights a day Dubai to London 7 to LHR and 3 to LGW on what will be by late 2013 all an A380 service  - so  essentially firesale bargain for EK

It is good to see Frequent flyers are being given appropriate recognition and benefits.  As mentioned earlier let the dust settle to see how this works for frequent flyers, round world fares etc -that will all follow.  If they dont get that right this deal will flounder for QF

The pluses the huge route network you now have access to via a one stop sevice multiple times per day (it has always been there just not for QF frequent flyers), a high quality product that is continually enhanced on an airline that has money to invest with a strong strategic vision.  

Like all airlines EK are battling to covert and upgrade their huge fleet to new/consistent product - but EK focus on getting that onto their key flights first. They still have a massive number of new aircraft to be delivered in the next few years which will all feature their latest product

The downsides for QF frequent flyers is DXB airport is not coping with its massive passenger growth, so overcrowded lounges and facilities can make for a very unpleasant transit experience. The opening of the A380 terminal should help to ease that before Dubai World Central Opens

PE is another possible issue, as it has never been a product they have been interested in, however that could change over time - although their focus is the premium first and business class market, with a good quality economy product

Capacity and availability is an ongoing issue with EK.  their load factors are extremely high, and at times demand far outweighs supply of seats which is why they pack so many pax into their 777s. Redeeming frequent flyer seats is an issue for Skywards members already, however, the taxes you pay on your free tickets should reduce hugely as EK do not charge fuel surcharge as a tax

BA would not be concerned about ending the JSA with QF.  It is no longer a focal part of their strategy, and such a small part of their business.  Their focus is on developing Asia/Africa and South America markets and relationships with AA IB and to a lesser degree CX.  I would imagine they will pull LON/SYD, freeing several aircraft for more lucrative routes. 

QF have a long way to go to rebuild their very damaged image in Australia, and need to prove they are focused on delivering a quality international product and partners not a "low cost" substitute

32 on 7/9/12 by Norman Keshan

Hopefully the break with BA means better choices when flying in Europe instead of every flight being a double flight because BA force you to fly back to London.

33 on 7/9/12 by Darren

I just received a Media Release from Qantas they are going to provide airport limousine transfers for Business and First Class passengers travelling on flights longer than 12 hours following their Emirates partnership.  The planned start is April 2013

1 on 7/9/12 by David

Yeah, we got that, will put up something Monday...

34 on 7/9/12 by AirportAddict

In MEL which escalator shall we take when the time comes around? EK or QF lounge?

1 on 7/9/12 by David

I'd think you could take either - on Qantas metal choose QF, on EK codeshare you could use EK but I'd still opt for QF (a la carte dining, spa).

35 on 10/9/12 by Ash

Great News! WIll QF/EK codeshare on flights out of SIngapore as well (SIN-DXB)? When will these flights be bookable? After ACCC approval? 

36 on 25/5/15 by TomCharlie925

I'm a little bit disappointed. I know it's been two years, but I use to go back to China via Singapore, on Qantas's A380. Ever since the A380 re-routed to Dubai, I've been flying via Hong Kong, on Cathay Pacific. Not impressed Qantas. At least Cathay Pacific had great products that made up for it.


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