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Save 15-35% on Qantas Club membership

By Chris Chamberlin     Filed under: qantas, qantas club, Qantas Frequent Flyer

Planning to join the Qantas Club? Then now's the time to act with savings of $326 off the overall membership price for new members, including a reduced joining fee of $100 – down from $385.

That cuts the total cost of a one-year membership by 35%: dropping from $895 to $569, while a two-year membership is lowered from $1,310 to $984.

Splurge for four years and it'll cost you $1,814 – just over $450 a year – instead of the usual $2,140 price with the full joining fee.

Existing Qantas Club members can also save by renewing their membership at a 10% discount, before the deal winds up at 11:59pm (EST) on Wednesday May 25 2016.

Qantas Club membership not only provides access to selected lounges when travelling on a Qantas or Jetstar flight number, it also opens the barriers at priority check-in and boosts your baggage allowance with Qantas and Emirates.

On Australian domestic flights, that lets you pack 32kg rather than the usual 23kg maximum in economy, while you can bring an extra bag when bound for North and South America in economy and premium economy.

There's no additional allowance when booked in business class or first class on those flights, although you'll get an extra 12kg on all other Qantas international services and also most Emirates flights wherever you choose to sit.

To sign up, head to the Qantas website.

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1 on 18/5/16 by RK

When clicking the link, it says that once purchased, Qantas Club kits will be sent out within 3 weeks. Do you know if the actual start date of membership is three weeks from now, or would that be from today? The reason I'm asking is that I'm travelling domestically next Monday and would like access to the Qantas Club then. Thanks in advance.

1 on 18/5/16 by Chris

Hi Ryan, best to ask Qantas in that case. There is an express option at an extra charge, but their site doesn't make clear the exact membership commencement date.

1 on 18/5/16 by RK

Thanks Chris, I saw that too. I'll ask the question and see what they say.


2 on 18/5/16 by bectref

Hi Ryan, 

I joined QC last year and was able to use the lounge Domestically without my card. Your boarding pass will indicate that you are a QC member and they will allow you access. I was advised for International you need your card, but from my trip to the US i was never asked to show my card, they just took my boarding pass. 



1 on 18/5/16 by RK

Thank you Bec, purchasing now! :-)

1 on 18/5/16 by bectref

No problems. You will notice your status change on your FF account when you log in. You should see it change to Qantas Club member at the top of the page. Then you know you are good to go. :)

3 on 20/5/16 by Kogglogs

Yewwwwww! Signed up! 

This should ease the pain of foregoing my VA Plat to begin building status on QF!

4 on 24/5/16 by jmphoto

Anyway to apply this to corporate membership applications?


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