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Qantas beefs up Hong Kong, Brisbane-Los Angeles and NZ flights

By David Flynn     Filed under: emirates, qantas, sydney, perth, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Auckland, Airbus A380, Los Angeles, Christchurch

Qantas will add another 'Airbus A380 day' onto the Sydney-Hong Kong route and boost the Brisbane-Los Angeles service to a daily Boeing 747-400 as part of a revamp of its international network.

From November 4 the superjumbo will appear on Monday's Sydney-Hong Kong (QF127/128) flights, in addition to its current roster of Thursday through Sunday – leaving only Tuesday and Wednesday flights on the older Boeing 747.

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Today's commencement of shared Qantas/Emirates flights across the Tasman will also see some fine-tuning of the Red Roo's NZ schedule, with the morning Sydney-Christchurch service shifting to an evening timeslot while the rebound leg becomes a redeye that reaches Sydney at 8.30am.

Qantas says the move is designed to complement the existing Emirates service on that same route.

Also on the cards: a new seasonal direct service between Perth and Auckland from December 6 2013 to February 1 2014.

Here's the official Qantas cheat sheet on the changes.

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1 on 14/8/13 by AusFlyer

Great news for the extra A380 to HK. I often fly there on a Monday so it bodes well for me!

1 on 14/8/13 by Waynec

This is definitely some good news from QF. Will give travellers more incentives to fly QF. Would be even better if QF flies the A380 daily to HKG. The daily LAX service makes good sense as well.

1 on 15/8/13 by AusFlyer

Would be great to see it on daily... Just not sure they have enough to go round at the moment. 

2 on 14/8/13 by 11sjw

Meanwhile Perth and Adelaide get seriously shafted by QFi.

3 on 14/8/13 by PLATY

Shame the online QF booking system fails to warn customers who book First Savers from AKL (eg to LHR, FCO, etc) that they'll be in business across the Tasman (on QF metal) yet can manage to warn customers of the full First fares.

Also a pity it doesn't seem possible to book paid First class fares (or indeed any other fare type) for flights just across the Tasman on QF codeshares onto EK metal (except Christchurch) yet you can book QF metal via the EK website...very disappointing.

The other QFi changes appear to be very underwhelming...

1 on 15/8/13 by David

Hi PLATY - happy to report that Emirates A380 first class for trans-tasman trips "will be available to book on shortly", QF tells us. "We are feeding a lot of changes through the system from yesterday, and it will take a few days for them to all show up."

1 on 15/8/13 by PLATY

Many thanks, David, that's excellent news!

Took the girlfirend on a SYD-AKL on QF reward in EK A380 First last weekend and we had a ball! The service in both QF first lounge and the whole EK experience was brilliant. An indulgent treat. Great work from both the QF and EK teams on that one plus the highly profrssional chaffeur companies at both ends.

Kinda fun sipping Dom and using the tail camera to watch the flight...

1 on 16/8/13 by Brian

Bloody Hell - you First class passengers get Dom and we Business types have to slum it with

1 on 17/8/13 by PLATY

Yep - but the main difference between the first and business offerings is that you get the chauffeur service at both ends of the sector...

4 on 14/8/13 by qfflyer

I would love to see BNE-LAX as a daily A380!

1 on 15/8/13 by watson374

I would love to see A380s go back to Singapore!

1 on 15/8/13 by AusFlyer

Agree with you there!!

2 on 15/8/13 by Oliver

i think it will when they recive the other 8 a380s from late 2015 or it may happen earlyer it is also rumerd that qantas may go back to london via singapore or bangkok as well as dubai

1 on 15/8/13 by JBH

Interesting, I think a lot of FF's would like to see that 'rumour' become a reality again.

1 on 15/8/13 by watson374

I'm not sure if it's really practical to fly to London via so many different places when they're using the whalejet, though. The 789, on the other hand, offers an opportunity for a QF renaissance, methinks?

1 on 15/8/13 by qfflyer

Here's to eight more A380s serving the big trunk routes and loads of 787s either feeding or running long thin routes. I'm excited for the future of Qantas International, I just hope Management has the gumption to see it through. Bring on capex!

5 on 23/8/13 by Will

Qantas should consider adding more international flights to melbourne and Brisbane instead of feeding everyone though Sydney 

6 on 23/8/13 by Will

Qantas should consider adding more international flights to melbourne and Brisbane instead of feeding everyone though Sydney 


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