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When is the best time of year to catch a great business class deal from BNE to SFO or LAX?

Posted on 24/1/13 Filed under: General

When is the best time of year to catch a great business class deal from BNE to SFO or LAX? I usually fly Air NZ, but would consider any airline


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1 on 25/1/13 by aero-seat

I'm not exactly sure, but last year they recommended you purchase plane tickets 8 weeks before you want to fly in the afternoon. I'm not sure if it works for every airline but it has worked for me when flying China Southern and Singapore Airlines. Good luck!

2 on 25/1/13 by Steve


The answer depends on when you want to fly and how far in advance you are willing to pre-pay for your ticket.

If flying in Peak season - then airlines know demand would be high and price accordingly. There is no specific best time, as airlines know the seats will be filled.

Overall the best time is to grab an early bird deal - when airlines are generally filling seats.

That said, using frequent flyer deals are good all year round - fixed points = fixed price, but need constant eye on nabbing those few seats.

Hope that helps

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3 on 25/1/13 by sq421

How often do you fly to the states? How much time do you have on your hands? Are you open to commencing your travel in a third country? If you travel to the states often (say every year?), you might find better value in starting a Circle Pacific fare ex-HKG

4 on 28/1/13 by Koru17

Air New Zealand usually brings out its North America deals to SFO/LAX/YVR over the july-august-september timeframe. Prices to LAX/SFO are usually the same for NZ J class. If flying business I would reccommend the B744 to SFO as the J cabin is seperated and does not have PE just behind the curtain with the bassinett behind it. hope this helps, Good Luck!!!

5 on 14/3/13 by DB

Thanks for the help everyone


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