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What travel insurance does everyone here use?

Posted on 25/1/13 Filed under: Travel Tips & Strategies

What travel insurance does everyone here use? I'll be flying overseas more this year, mainly to Asia. Do you use credit card travel insurance or a policy from an insurance company? Also does anybody have an annual policy or do you just get one for each trip?


8 Answers

1 on 25/1/13 by Darren

I use Covermore and get an Annual Policy.

2 on 25/1/13 by chrisjrn

I usually have an annual policy that covers domestic and international. I went with the one that gives the most Velocity points :)

1 on 26/1/13 by SaltyJ

Which one(s) give velocity points chrisjrn?

1 on 26/1/13 by aero-seat

You can earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points on Allianz through the Virgin Australia website. I'm not sure if there are any others.

2 on 26/1/13 by chrisjrn

insurance [dot] virginaustralia [dot] com

3 on 25/1/13 by 180mis

I am automatically covered with my American Express Platinum card. Making a claim is relatively hassle-free 

4 on 25/1/13 by TheRealBabushka

I use an annual multi trip with Travel Insurance Cover, who sell QBE cover at a significant discount (about 30% off).

While credit cards offer insurance, I'm always left in doubt by the fine print and conditions attached for any claims made to be valid. 


5 on 26/1/13 by Really

Choose carefully.Read the fine print.I chose a larger company.When my mother passed away, while i was overseas, i obviously had to come back straight away.I made a claim.They rejected it due to my mother having pre-existing medical conditions.The only mention of pre-existing medical conditions was for myself if i was over the age of 60.The following year there was a new purchasable add on cover for this situation.

So take the time to read the PDS for whoever you are thinking of taking the policy out with.I read mine but it hadn't covered my situation.

1 on 26/1/13 by TheRealBabushka

I find the whole pre existing clause rather lame. Is the insurance industry suggesting that if you have a close family member who has a pre-existing condition you can never travel unless you are willing to personally take on the financial risk of them dying while you're away?

Seems ludicrous to cast the net that wide...

6 on 26/1/13 by Colin

There have been a few new "sellers" into this market lately. Woolworths, Southern Cross, 1cover etc.  It pays to shop around and check the level of cover, and the exclusions.

I tend to look at unlimited medical, hospital and repatration costs, and go with the cheapest.

I have used QBE and made a claim, for cancellation after a family member got sick, had no problems with the claim being approved, but it did take several phone calls to actually get the cheque processed and mailed out.

7 on 26/1/13 by ronnieA

I have used 1cover for the past few years, and have had cause to claim on a couple of occasions. They are quick to respond, follow up and advise what part of the prcoess they are in, and of course offer great rates, even with pre-exisitng on annual insurances as well.

8 on 15/2/13 by Charles

I'm covered on my Platinum Visa which is fine for standard travelling. However if your going on holiday to say go Snow Skiing or some other sort of activity, I would carefully look at your policy. I'm a ski bunny and find there are insurance products that are better suited for this seeing there is a greater chance of causing an injury etc...


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