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What meal is served on QF568 (the overnight flight from Perth to Sydney)?

Posted on 26/10/13 Filed under: Airline

What meal is served on QF568 (the overnight flight from Perth to Sydney)? Dinner/supper after departure? Breakfast before arrival?


3 Answers

1 on 26/10/13 by driley28

Supper is served for flights from 8.01pm to 4.59am.


1 on 27/10/13 by watson374

I read an old thread mentioning a juice before arrival. Would you happen to know what sort of meals the servce entails? I ask because the booking engine gives me a really helpful meal type of "meal".

2 on 27/10/13 by driley28

Juice/water is served prior to take off in business.  Generally a starter and main meal service is served.  I recall a meal such as Char Sui Pork with Noodles is served on some flights.

3 on 28/10/13 by Southland

Cant help with QF but this is VAA red eye Business

Supper Parsnip, leek and thyme soup or Caramelised onion quiche with rocket and parmesan salad

Both choices are accompanied by Mini chocolate éclair

Breakfast Juice Fresh orange juice Bakery Croissant or wholemeal roll served with a selection of preserves or Vegemite Cereal Spiced apple and roast almond toasted muesli Fruit Seasonal fruit selection with Greek yoghurt and honey Hot drinks selection CoffeeFilter, Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte Tea Madame Flavour range – Special Blend Black Tea, Earl Grey Twist, Green Tea with Jasmine & Pear, or Mint Tisane Hot chocolate overnight flights


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