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What happened to the Qantas 6:30am Melbourne to Perth?

Posted on 6/6/13 Filed under: Airline

What happened to the Qantas 6:30am Melbourne to Perth?

I have been taking that flight weekly for a while and now the earlist flight out is 8:35am arriving 10:55am, which is really inconvenient. Do you happen to know why this time is no longer available?


5 Answers

1 on 6/6/13 by Yusef Danet

Time to try the 7.00 Virgin Airbus, inexplicably missing from the Monday schedule though. 

2 on 6/6/13 by qfflyer

Still operating, GMP. Tue, Wed + Fri according to

3 on 6/6/13 by driley28

Travelled on it a few times and it has been no more than half full on an A330.

4 on 7/6/13 by GMP

Thanks folks. I just checked again and now there are Mon and Thurs flights, which is different to qfflyer's post. Perhaps it's just an issue with the timetable webpage...

5 on 7/6/13 by GMP

Ahhh, I see what's happening. The schedule for this flight changes every week. It just so happened that I had previously caught the same operating flight every week.


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