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Will Virgin Australia upgrade its ex-Pacific Blue flights with business class?

Posted on 24/1/13 Filed under: Airline

VA - Trans-Tasman? Does anyone know if or when VA will upgrade their Pacific Blue Fleet with BizClass?


3 Answers

1 on 24/1/13 by 444desiro

I assumed they haven't / won't because then their product wouldn't be consistent with the majority of the Air NZ codeshare flights (Seat, Seat+Bag, etc....). I'm sure I heard this somewhere but can't honestly remember.

2 on 24/1/13 by chrisjrn

They've recently been re-fitted with new seat covers, including in Premium Economy. Not sure why they'd to go all of the effort of re-covering the seats if they're going to introduce Business Class on those planes.

And yes, this is because Air NZ removed their Trans-Tasman business class several years ago.

3 on 25/1/13 by aero-seat

I think all of the Virgin Australia Bowing 737 fleet have been upgraded to the new seats. I recently flew on a Pacific Blue plane and it had the new seats with live2air for every passenger! (except the pointy end, unfortunately) 

1 on 25/1/13 by aero-seat

It's just that the exterior of the plane is still red...


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