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Just interested to see if any of the AusBT guys that have contact with Virgin people can enquire about this.

Posted on 21/1/13 Filed under: Airline

Just interested to see if any of the AusBT guys that have contact with Virgin people can enquire about this...;goto=newpost

I know quite a few friends who have made bookings under this and they're all quite interested to know if Virgin are required to honour it as it's a problem with the Virgin system, it's what they've advertised etc.

If anyone knows more about the consumer laws involved here it'd be great to get some feedback. Cheers!


3 Answers

1 on 21/1/13 by chrisjrn

What I've heard from Virgin is that if a given class of travel is written on an e-ticket, then Virgin will honour it. Bring all the paperwork to check-in just in case.

1 on 21/1/13 by chrisjrn

(And by "from Virgin", I mean "from people who've travelled with such fares")

2 on 21/1/13 by KG

I doubt they will have to honour. Clearly this is a mistake fare and as far as I know Australia has no legislation in place that requires to honour a genuine mistake fare (in the US the Department of Transport has strict rules about it). Having said this, if your e-ticket has been issued and Virgin did not cancel it within a week or so there is a big chance you will be able to fly. It is not that the attendants at check in will be cancelling your ticket. Virgin will have probably decided to take a loss on the fare if not too many people have booked it and consider it a promo. Good luck!

3 on 23/1/13 by aero-seat

Thanks for bringing that up, I read the article and I went onto the Virgin Australia website and it was true! I contacted the Virgin Australia GCC and they have said that some fares to several destinations haven't been uploaded properly. I reckon if you have booked it from the Virgin Australia website, they will honour it. Good luck!


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