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Norman Keshan

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I usually travel Premium Economy on Qantas flights.

Posted on 2/7/13 Filed under: Airline

I usually travel Premium Economy on Qantas flights. If I have to book or get transferred to an Emirates flight I'm told I'll be downgraded to Economy and the difference refunded. Has anyone heard if Emirates are planning to introduce Premium Economy on their aircraft in the future?


2 Answers

1 on 2/7/13 by Andy

I haven't actually heard about getting the difference refunded before, so you may want to double check that with QF just to be certain. I would think that they just book you on a lower fare for the EK segment but I don't think they'll refund the difference.


I don't think EK plans to introduce WC anytime in the future as well. It could change though.

1 on 2/7/13 by PLATY

Actually, I wouldn't assume anything about lower fare. It is usual for QF to charge the airfare based on the fare for the highest cabin class used on any of the sectors in the journey, thus if you go, say, HNL-SYD-CNS on a business class ticket and the lonmg sector HNL-SYD is in economy and the short sector CNS-SYD is in business they will still charge you the full business fare.

Whatever you have been told, Norman, get it in writing!

2 on 2/7/13 by Charles

Unfortunately it doesn't look like its in Emirates strategy. They feel that they have a superior Economy product that's up there with Premium economy products. However you have highlighted a gap in this alliance.

1 on 2/7/13 by cdinoz

Hmm. What they feel and what they have are two different things. Long gone are the days when EK Y is any different to any other airline.

The gap between EK Y and QF Y+ is massive. 

2 on 3/7/13 by tronixstuff

Ha - I woulnd't  call 10-across in Y on 777 "superior economy" 

1 on 3/7/13 by Charles

Just to clarify, I'm not saying its a 'superior' product, I'm just passing on what I read about Emirates philosophy is on premium economy. It appears that the Lions share of profit for Emirates comes from premium travellers, and they see a premium economy product would effect that side of the business.

1 on 3/7/13 by tronixstuff

Yes, no worries :)


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