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Photos: Singapore Airlines' new first class seats

By David Flynn     Filed under: singapore airlines, first class

Singapore Airlines has revealed a new look for its first class seats, which take a step back from the airlines' flagship’ Airbus A380 private suites to adopt a more conventional high-walled design.

The new seats are bound for SQ's long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets, but only for new deliveries rolling out of the Boeing factory later this year (the debut is set for September on the London-Singapore route), with no firm plans to upgrade existing 777s.

The first class ‘mini-suites’ are built around a fixed-back shell with curved side panels.

The seats are 35 inches wide and extend to a 82 inch long bed, up from the current 80 inches of the current first class seat.

Designed in conjunction with BMW Group DesignWorksUSA and manufactured by Jamco America, the seats are finished in rich dark chocolate leather with contemporary orange accents in the headrest and cushion trimming, while the  seat’s exterior back shell is a cool metallic grey.

Boosts to personal space include a space underneath the ottoman which can fit a standard cabin bag.

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A new ‘vanity area’ with its own mirror lets travellers do a quick pre-landing freshen up without leaving their seats. There’s also a small cocktail tray and water bottle holder.

Another stowage pocket contains laptop power and USB ports along with an HDMI socket to pipe content from your laptop or other device onto the 24 inch screen.

One small but long overdue touch: passengers can disable their KrisWorld screen with the tap of a button on their IFE controller.

Watch: Video of Singapore Airlines' new first, business & economy seats

Australian Business Traveller is attending the launch of Singapore Airlines' new seats in Singapore as a guest of Singapore Airlines.

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1 on 9/7/13 by Alvin

Cool - don't think I'll be trying first class as a non-enthusiast, but they look great!

2 on 9/7/13 by KG

Thanks for putting this up so quickly, I was refreshing the page constantly to see the new design!!

Surprising that they are going back towards a semi open suite as opposed to a fully enclosed (mind you, they only had suites on their A380, the 777 had the more conventional seating on which I think this new design is based, judging from the pictures). Any news if you have to flip your seat to convert it into a bed or is this now a seamless process?

3 on 9/7/13 by Glynn

What happened to the days when 1st gave you 4 windows ?

4 on 9/7/13 by gruest

A new ‘vanity area’ with its own mirror lets female travellers do a quick freshen up without leaving their seats.

What a ridiculous comment. Do men never use mirrors?

1 on 9/7/13 by David

Fair call!

5 on 9/7/13 by Skipp

In first, can there be dining for two together?

6 on 9/7/13 by russell

First is clearly evoloutionary rather than revoloutionary. A bit underwhelming considering this product will last them for quite some time. The emphasis is clearly on Business Class these days when it comes to cabin advances.

Still prefer Emirates and Etihad over this.

7 on 9/7/13 by TheRealBabushka

Cabin looks lovely but Im not quite sure I agree with the colour scheme. The chocolate and dark green tones seems a bit heavy and overbearing. The orange piping detail on the headrest just feels wrong. Reminds me of some Jaffa orange treat.

I'd be curious to see the cabin with the lighting feature turned on. 

At this stage I much prefer the dark blue, silver and cool tones of the BA First cabin. There might not be as much space as the SQ seats but the overall effect feels more sophisticated.

I guess if you compare this new SQ cabin against EK's then perhaps the lack of bling does make it feel more refined.

But it just feels a bit kitsch to me...

8 on 10/7/13 by Ben84

It looks too sterile and plain for my tastes. But I'm not surprised with BMW involvement. 

Perhaps it is the angle, but the suite (if you can call it that) looks small. The wide seat also looks uncomfortable. 

Im not convinced this new seat design will win too many passengers from the Emrati airlines. 

Im about to book F for an upcoming trip and it's either Etihad or Emirates (leaning towards the former). I'm afraid Singapore won't get my business currently or - judging in what was revealed today - in the near future. 

9 on 10/7/13 by undertheradar

so the SQ seat 'extends' to a bed..implying no 'flipping' required.. so the attached headrest is cleverly hidden by pillows in the pics ;) 'flipping' required?????   also seems no 'dining with a mate' option in the 'suite' .. unless your mate sits on the shelf below the IFE screen!!! and good luck dressing the small table with dining for 2!!!

1 on 10/7/13 by undertheradar

appologies for calling it a 'suite' ...its a SQ FIRST CLASS SEAT..(again..clever marketing!!) .

10 on 10/7/13 by gippsflyer

The new First looks nice, although I shall miss the privacy of the Suite. The diamond cut bedhead lifts the look. 

1 on 11/7/13 by undertheradar

i think the 'suites' on tha a380 will stay..i think this 'new first' is really only meant to be SQs 'first class' on other aircraft types..

11 on 24/7/13 by Alvin

I found out that the old SQ first class isn't any better than this one, the enclosed privacy cabin is called the "suites" cabin. Still, great improvement!

Will this ever end up on SQ 001/002? I live in Hong Kong and these are the two B77Ws that time best for me (they use B77Ws because they continue to SFO afterwards).


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