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New duty-free alcohol allowance for Singapore

By David Flynn     Filed under: Singapore, Changi, duty free, Singapore Changi

Travellers to Singapore can now bring twice as much wine or beer into the country, following changes to the duty-free liquor allowance which took effect on April 1st.

The previous scheme imposed a limit of one litre each of wine, beer and spirits. That litre of spirits can now be replaced by an additional litre of wine or beer.

Inbound travellers can mix and match their duty-free liquor allowance in three ways. You can still bring in one litre of each type of alcohol; or you can swap out that litre of spirits to bring in two litres of wine and a litre of beer, or vice versa.

The more flexible rules will be popular with business travellers, who often bring a bottle of wine or champagne into the country as a gift for their hosts or to share over dinner due to the high cost of wine in Singapore.

That's because the Singapore Government imposes an excise duty of S$70 per litre of alcohol for wine and champagne (for a 750ml bottle of wine with an alcohol content of 13.5%, that's just over S$7) on top of which sits the 7% GST.


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