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Is this Qantas' new First Lounge at Hong Kong? (No, says Qantas)

By David Flynn     Filed under: qantas, Hong Kong, Qantas First Lounge, airport lounges

UPDATE | According to Qantas, these realistic images are not the shape of the new Qantas First Lounge at Hong Kong.

"They are not the (HK First Lounge) designs, they are incorrect" a spokesperson tells Australian Business Traveller. A bit of a shame, as we think they're rather cool!

The source for these images is the website of interior designer Leslie Miguel, who lists Qantas as one of his clients and the Qantas "first class lounge" at Hong Kong airport  as one of his projects.

PREVIOUS | Is this the new look of the international Qantas First Lounges?

The trendy travel advice site FlymeFunky stumbled across these computer-generated renderings of what’s said to be the new Qantas First Lounge at Hong Kong.

That lounge, like its Singapore sibling, is being given a Marc Newson makeover and will re-open by December this year.

And if these images are accurate, travellers will see a very different look compared to the familiar Qantas First Lounges at Sydney and Melbourne.

The dusky tones, chocolate and cream chairs and lime green highlights in this rendering clearly take their cues from the elite Qantas Chairman’s Lounge, as does the massive black-and-white Qantas logo on the wall.

It's all a few notches above today's HK First lounge, as seen below.

The layout shows eight small tables towards the middle of the lounge, and even if these images are legit it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see at-table dining – the current Hong Kong lounge has an informal dining area located near the self-serve buffet.

The floorplan appears to include two small meetings rooms and one larger room which could be a welcome ‘quiet zone’.

If these images prove correct we wouldn’t be surprised to see this style echoed at Singapore’s Qantas First Lounge and even Los Angeles, which in 2013 will receive all-new First and Business lounges with a footprint some three times larger than the Red Roo’s LAX lounges currently occupy.

Again, let's sound the caveat that these are not official supplied-by-Qantas images – they're from an anonymous source contributed to FlymeFunky. But there's no denying that they appear to be the real deal.

Update: as noted above, Qantas says they're not the lounge we will see when it re-opens.

Either way, an end-of-year opening for the Qantas First Lounge will give Hong Kong-bound travellers a double serving of choice, as this is also when oneworld pater Cathay Pacific will re-open The Wing First Class lounge, which is expected to sport the same contemporary style as The Wing's refurbished Business Lounge.

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1 on 6/7/12 by am

My bet is that these are images of one of multiple proposals presented to QF. They simply went with another proposal (probably a slightly less extreme one) but I'd expect the general style to be very similar. 

But this would have been very cool.

2 on 6/7/12 by DrTGanguly

I agree that this must have been one of the proposals.  It is a very contempory take on the QF First Lounge....I like the chairs and giant logo.  The carpet is also straight out of the Syd First lounge.  Not sure if I am so keen on the green though......lets hope the design QF picked has some of the live plants and whimsical features such as the departure board!Probably no day spa based on this mock up =( 

3 on 6/7/12 by spentan

Based on the look/feel, is QF building a chairmanship lounge in HK? Or getting proposals for one?

1 on 8/7/12 by am

That space is definitely the space occupied by the existing lounge, which Qantas has already confirmed is being renovated, so no chance that these are proposals for a Chairman's Lounge.

Besides, it looks far too densely furnished and designed for a Chairman's Lounge - they are far more spread out and spacious than even the First Lounges. And as Al says, it doesn't really make sense...

4 on 8/7/12 by radiC00l

Surely this can't be one of the possible designs. I'm a big fan of Marc Newson, but this is nothing close to his other first class lounges - or chairman's - which actually looks good in green and black. The design completely ignores its surroundings and looks really out of place. Also, I would have hoped that five years on from the opening of the original FCLs that they would mix it up a little. Repeating the exaxct same design elements in different colours is mediocre.

1 on 8/7/12 by am

The whole point of having a common brand image and design concept is to repeat it throughout various elements of the company, while reinterpreting it in relevance to the setting/scenario. I think this design does that excellently, using Qantas elements (this is instantly recognisable as a Qantas F Lounge) while doing something very different to what has been done before... This design does mix it up (a lot IMO), I think we will see something far less exciting when the actual lounge opens (ie a downsized clone of the Sydney lounge).

And these renderings (and especially that floor plan) are almost 100% certainly official drawings. They are identical to everything else QF uses (both internally and externally)...

1 on 8/7/12 by David

"The whole point of having a common brand image and design concept is to repeat it throughout various elements of the company, while reinterpreting it in relevance to the setting/scenario" - well said, AM, that's a very good interpretation of how designs are extended. Look at Virgin's lounges in Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and soon (very soon) Sydney – similar design elements, and in the case of MEL-BNE-SYD 'functional areas', but each according to the space and shape available.

And, just to address this point: there's never been any doubt in my mind that these drawings are 'official' in the sense of not being cooked up by an amateur, by an enthusiastic Qantas lounge fanboy (Dear Lord, let there not be such a creature!), or as some 'hoax', but by someone working on this project with Qantas as their client.

But while they're legit in their provenance, as Qantas confirmed they aren't the final design – which is a different kettle of fish.

1 on 8/7/12 by am


Now just the wait to see what the new lounge does look like, and how different it is to this concept. Only a few more months to go!!

1 on 8/7/12 by David

And November for Cathay's The Wing First Class, we're hearing - roll on, that one!

5 on 8/7/12 by Al

I agree, this would have been one of the proposals, still very interesting for AusBT to spot it and share it!

I agree that it's basically an international Chairman's Lounge but can't see why they would put this at HK when Qantas flies only to HK and no longet all the way to London even. Surely there are not enough CL members flying to HK to warrant this extravagance!

I think we will see something that's more like the Sydney and Melbourne first class lounges at Singapore and HK. Not so dramatic because the space isn't so large and doesn't have the great views though. But LAX being so much larger, that will certainly be a 'flagship lounge' for Qantas and shoud get the full Marc Newson treatment.


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