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Has anyone used Travelsim, and if so, is it worthwhile?

Posted on 3/12/12 Filed under: Technology

Heading to the States again soon, and I normally purchase AT & T sim card for my i Phone on arrival at LAX. I recently received an invitation to try 'Travelsim' to try their product, which allows me to use my existing mobile number, on a pre paid basis.

Has anyone used Travelsim, and if so, is it worthwhile?


1 Answer

1 on 6/12/12 by kenner

I used Travelsim on my recent trip to Germany. I paid about $50 for the Simcard itself and it came with about $5 of credit. This lasted me about three International phone calls and 4 or 5 text messages. After that you have to add on more credit. For a three week trip I used about $20 - $25 of credit after my included $5.

I'm not sure whether or not you can keep your existing number but I know I was given a special Travelsim one. Now, I have only used Travelsim and no other products but I would recommend it if your trip is short.


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