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Garuda gets new business class for Airbus A330s

By David Flynn     Filed under: business class, Airbus A330, Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia's all-new international business class takes flight on its equally new Airbus A330-300 this month.

The SkyTeam member airline is upgrading from today's 2-2-2 business class seating arrangement to a more passenger-friendly 1-2-1 layout – specifically, the Super Diamond design from B/E Aerospace – which also boasts plenty of creature comforts.

The lie-flat seats are some 4 inches wider than Garuda's current A330 premium seats with more personal space and personal storage, AC power and two USB ports, along with a larger 16 inch HD video monitor with touchscreen controller.

The self-service mini-bar has also had a refresh to allow more room for drinks and snacks.

Garuda has a total of 11 factory-fresh Airbus A330s on order, with the first four due this year across January, March, May and September.

However, the new jets will see only 24 business class seats down from 42 in its previous generation A330s, while the economy cabin increases in size from 215 seats to 263.

The airline's current A330 fleet will not be upgraded to the new business class.

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1 on 4/1/16 by BeijingBogan

Excellent news. I've found them to be consistently improving, and this is yet another notch in their recovery ! 

2 on 4/1/16 by Mark

Still a basket case airline as they add new destinations and cancel them within a year so I will not fly with them anytime soon!!

1 on 8/1/16 by eminere

Good. More seats for the rest of us. 

1 on 9/1/16 by Mark

You are welcome!! Safe flying.

2 on 3/2/16 by davidban69

They are certainly NOT a basket case Mark. I have flown with Garuda to Jakarta from Melbourne since 2009.......never had an issue, always on time,  clean and newish planes....friendly staff, good food and great value for money. The only thing that lets them down a little, but not a big deal, is the Business Lounge in Jkt offers average food...but otherwise a nice no real complaints. I will continue to use them, and this new offering is even better.

3 on 5/1/16 by AB__CD

Is it just the A330-300s that will be getting the retrofit ? If so that sounds dumb, given that those operate primarily out of DPS, which is a leisure destination. Shouldn't it be the -200s, the ones that operate routes like CGK-SYD, SIN, MEL, ICN, HKG get the new biz given that those are more  business-ish routes than out of DPS ?

1 on 5/1/16 by FLX

Don't forget this type of new premium seat designs, especially in 1-2-1 config, takes up a lot more cabin floor area per seat than the current ones on GA's 332.  To maintain total premium seat count similar to current level on 332 without eating too much into the Y cabin, GA must put them onto the larger 333.

End result? I predict GA will swap deployment of 333 and 332 where DPS/leisure routes will get most 332s with older premium seats and CGK/biz routes will get most 333s with upgraded seats.

GA's 332 is not married to CGK and 333 is not married to DPS for eternity....

4 on 8/1/16 by davidban69

Garuda are a very good airline. Great pricing, and service, efficient staff, and generally modern and clean aircraft(at least between Melb & Jkt ) with good schedules and flight paths, with great views over the Port Lincoln/Adelaide areas enroute......cannot speak highly enough of them. They get a bad rap for other less than suitable Indo airlines ( Lion etc )

Looking forward to sample their next incarnation of Bus. Class on the A330.

5 on 8/1/16 by Myf

Does anyone know what routes and when this might happen? We are actually due to fly PER (737)-CKG (A330-300)-NRT on 17th jan and then 1st Feb NRT (777)-DPS (A330-300)-PER

Their return business class price to Tokyo was outstanding. Together with their excellent customer service I was prepared to have angled flat seats but it would be truly amazing if we got one of the new planes. 

6 on 2/2/16 by smit0847

A great airline that is just getting better and better. Given their outstanding presentation of J food, with this seat they will be snapping on the heels of CX and QR as the worlds best J class.

1 on 2/2/16 by moa999

Not sure if I would go that far... The cellar is still a few steps below, although based on a recent trip report I read much improved from a few years ago.

7 on 2/2/16 by Matt

How will you know the A330 you're booking a flight on will have the new layout? Normally seat selection is done after you've paid no?

1 on 2/2/16 by BeijingBogan

If you've got a paid service like expertflyer or KVS (or know someone that does), or are friendly with a travel agent, you should be able to get them to pull the maps before booking. 

8 on 3/2/16 by Darren

This is great! We are travelling GA Business Class to Amsterdam in June with a stopover in Bali.  Just got a notification of a slight time change on our flight to Bali and the new aircraft and configuration is also allocated on our 1st flight. :-)

9 on 5/2/16 by jbsbqh

Well this is great news. But felt like its so soon to change interior after less than 7-8 years or so since the new garuda indonesia experience started? 

10 on 12/2/16 by wstanborough

I have been flying Garuda business class for more than ten years. The improvements they have made in recent times still surprise me each time I fly with them. In particular the meal service and the professionalism of the staff. Garuda must have made significant changes to the upper management over recent yeas. I just wish Thai could do the same.

11 on 20/6/16 by Mark

Is a seat map available? Can't seem to find one online.


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