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Emirates axes chauffeur service in Hong Kong

By David Flynn     Filed under: emirates, Hong Kong

In brief | Emirates is withdrawing its free chauffeur service for all first class and business class passengers in Hong Kong.

An update to the airline's website now says that "Chauffeur-drive service will be offered to passengers for flights until 28th February 2014."

The move follows Emirates' decision in October to cancel the service for premium travellers on its trans-Tasman flight, with the website explaining that "Itineraries which are exclusively between New Zealand and Australia are not eligible for Chauffeur-drive."

However, "all other itineraries on Emirates-operated flights are eligible" including business class flights between Dubai and New Zealand "which involve a stopover in Australia."

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1 on 30/12/13 by Ben84

I'm not surprised given it is a short flight. 

Interesting to read about the axing of the service for AKL-SYD. When is this meant to take effect? I had Emirates car service only last week from Auckland to the airport. Very prompt service and they'd even informed the hotel reception prior to my arrival. I was quite impressed. 

Pick up in Sydney was seamless too. Nice cars used too. 

1 on 30/12/13 by David

Ben84: it's in effect already, as I recall the service was stopped in October...

1 on 30/12/13 by Ben84

Then how did I get car service in Auckland and from Sydney airport to my home? 

Perhaps because I booked before October? 

2 on 30/12/13 by Alvin

What?! No extra frills to my mother's (far in future) birthday present?

3 on 31/12/13 by jetsetter86

That's a shame, they used to have lovely S Classes with wifi and phone chargers in HK.

4 on 31/12/13 by jetsetter86

Will they substitute an airport express ticket for the chauffeur service? I remember being able to get a first class heathrow/gatwick express tix instead of the chauffeur service, does anyone know if that's still an option?

5 on 31/12/13 by dazzaredroo

Funny how the usual critics aren't ever posting when a withdrawal of some degree of service doesn't involve QANTAS.

1 on 3/1/14 by PLATY

Absolutely, Dazzaredroo, but please consider:

If someone has flown literally 100s flights on QF over a 25 year period and only a few flights on EK, they might be well placed to comment on QF's strengths/weaknesses and very poorly placed to comment on EK - therefore nothing to contribute based on personal experience

Arguably, a critique is justified if either airline removes a service which was advertised at the time of purchase or otherwise behave misleadingly (intentionally or unintentionally) and withdrawn before the service is provided misled a customer. Some can provide examples from personal experience (see numerous examples cited for QF on this website - perhaps they can't in this instance of EK removing the chaffeur).

Now if EK removed a chaffeur service from a flight I had  booked and paid at a time when this servcie was part of the product offering, I'd be just as dissapointed as QF closing lounges without notice, servicing cafe breakfasts, changing the frequent flyer scheme without the due notice period, etc.

I'm assuming you yourself aren't biased with a name like dazza-RED ROO, and perhaps your name reflects your love of the all things Aussie and the magic of the NT, indigenous cultures, etc. (a position we share having also worked in the commnitied myself).

1 on 3/1/14 by dazzaredroo

Fair call......still love the roo too.....

6 on 1/1/14 by eminere

How disappointing. 

Re trans-Tasman flights were first class passengers previously entitled to chauffeur drive?

7 on 1/1/14 by smart_flyer

I guess Emirates bit more than they could chew.


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