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Cathay Pacific's stylish new Premium Economy amenity kits

By John Walton     Filed under: cathay pacific, Premium Economy, amenity kits

Cathay Pacific is raising the premium economy bar with new amenity kits for the "more premium than economy" service.

The chic Chinese-inspired designs are certainly eye-catching, as is the kit's ability to easily hang from a wall and even link several kits to 'nest' them together.

That makes them useful frequent flyer-themed additions for the wall of your bathroom or office desk, where you might want to stow USB cables and other items you need from day to day as well as in your carry-on bag.

Inside, you'll find mandatory items such as an eyeshade, socks, toothpaste and a pleasingly eco-friendly toothbrush (made from corn starch and cellulose).

Cathay Pacific's General Manager Product, Toby Smith, says the new amenity kits are part of an ongoing set.

"The plan is to have four designs per year, two outbound and two inbound" Smith explains. "The hope is that they will become real collectibles and that passengers can look forward to receiving a new design every time they travel."

Created by HK-based G.O.D. (Goods of Desire), the first designs are called Joy and Fortune.

On flights to Hong Kong, you'll find Fortune (shown below, on the right) with Chinese-style images of auspicious clouds.

The Joy design is distributed on flights out of Hong Kong and features whimsically irreverent images of Chinese deities enjoying a glass of wine, using laptops and taking photos.

Can't quite spot them? Click on the image below to expand it.

How do you re-use inflight amenity kits? Share your ideas with your fellow readers in a comment below!

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1 on 25/10/12 by KG

I (re-)use them mainly when travelling! Love the (old) TG First kit which used to be a Rimowa design hard shell amenity kit. As it gives protection it is great for the more fragile valuables (spare phone, Ipod, jewelry). The new Thai kit is TUMI and pretty sturdy, I was able to stash all my extention cables, chargers, adapters etc in there. Have given away a fair few kits as well and women often use them as make-up travel pouch i have noticed.

1 on 25/10/12 by KG

Great new design btw of Cathay Pacific (in line with the style of thier F pj's). Any news on a revamp for their Business / First kits as well? Will they abandon Shanghai Tang? I personally love the G.O.D. store in HKG.

2 on 25/10/12 by Al

I use amenity kits as toiletry kits for subsequent trips but also for all my digital gadgets - iPhone sync cable, world-standard AC adaptor, USB key, sometimes a portable USB hard drive etc. So I like kits which are spacious and solid. Best I ever scored for this was from BA, they're like a little version of that classic old "doctor's bag" with rigid base & sides plus a solid clasping mechanism at the top.

1 on 25/10/12 by John

The square grey Anya Hindmarch BAgs? They're my absolute favourite for repurposing. I have two, one for my travel medicine kit and one for my hard drive/USB key/chargers.

I have an old Continental one that's the absolute perfect kit for a washbag, though: unfolds and hangs. Ideal!

1 on 25/10/12 by KG

Interesting, I don't like the Anna Hindmarch one that much actually! The QF one also unfolds and hangs and is pretty nice as well.

3 on 24/10/14 by MissBasset

Pity the rest of the PY experience is so ordinary!



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