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Cathay Pacific reveals new-look brand

By David Flynn     Filed under: cathay pacific

Cathay Pacific has lifted the covers on a refreshed logo and brand which the airline describes as "a cleaner, crisper, more contemporary identity" which will "help passengers travel well."

Both the logotype and 'brushwing' brandmark have been refined and simplified.

In the words of Cathay's marketeers "the brushwing no longer sits constrained inside a box, and has been gently harmonised and set free."

The move also introduces colour-coding for different classes of travel.

However, the project – which was 18 months in the making, and will take another 18 months to fully roll out – will extend to the design of new websites, lounges, cabins, in-flight service, entertainment products and more.

The first concrete example will be Cathay's new lounge at Japan's Tokyo Haneda airport, which will open in December.

"Working with world-class designers we are striving to make the customer experience simpler, better and more relevant to what passengers aspire to today" the airline explains.

Passengers "will also see a greater focus and attention to design with signature elements that are unique to our brand, creating greater consistency across the passenger journey."

For more on the new brand, click through to

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PREVIOUS | Cathay Pacific will unveil a 'brand refresh' in mid-November which will see Cathay positioned as a premium travel experience which extends beyond the airline itself.

"'Travelling well' will be a core part of the brand refresh" reveals Dane Cheng, Cathay Pacific's Director of Sales & Marketing.

"We see Cathay Pacific as global brand which is not just about the airline but about the lifestyle, about travelling well and travelling in style and being well looked after," Cheng tells Australian Business Traveller.

Part of this will be the launch of an online "retail travel platform" in early November through which Cathay Pacific will sell  "a range of premium travel products" Cheng says. "Not just airfares but hotels, car hire, the whole journey, which fits into 'travel well'."

However, there won't be a "significant difference" to the highly-recognised Cathay Pacific logo, apart from a minor change to the font.

"It's more progressive and reflects where we are now" Cheng explains. "We have some of the  best lounges in the world, one of the best first class and business class products, so it's time for us to have our brand revitalised to keep up with that product."

"Are they an airline or a Chinese restaurant?"

Ironically, Cheng reflects that in the airline's early days of worldwide expansion there was resistance in some quarters to the Cathay Pacific name.

"We had some of our major sales regions say that we can't call ourselves "Cathay Pacific' because people would think we are a Chinese restaurant!" Cheng laughs.

"People said 'You must have Airline or Airways attached to your name'."

Cathay Pacific was also one of the few airlines at the time which didn't include the name of a country in its brand. "Among Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Thai and so on, we were an odd one out."

A cornerstone of the brand will remain what Cheng calls the "Asian-ness" of Cathay Pacific.

"We're very proud of our Asian roots and we have our cabin attendants from most of the Asian countries, and Asia is very famous for hospitality and service standards, so the whole brand proposition retains a lot of this Asian-ness."

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1 on 21/10/14 by Andy H

I smell not only a new CX, but also a new KA! 

But I like the current font, I don't think they need to change it, its timeless in my opinion - no need for a refresh as its instantly recognisable.

2 on 22/10/14 by gumshoe

I've moved our long haul flights to CX as QF continues to make continual changes like no other airline I know of. With these CX additions it can only get better.

3 on 22/10/14 by MissBasset

It's high time CX 'refreshed' the PE experience! Maybe they should cast their eye on QF PE for a few pointers, especially in the meal/meal service department! This year I have completed 4 CX PE sectors (SYD-HKG, HKG-LHR, & return) and really found the PE experience pretty ordinary. Had I not had all the frills OW Gold Status offers, and naturally used, I would have been very disappointed. I returned a few days ago from SYD-LAX-JFK. & return on QF PE, and although the flight was completely full back into SYD, the PE experience was streets ahead of what CX offer.  I have noticed over time that QF have eliminated a few little things; I guess theit bean-counters thought no-one would notice! Notwithstanding that, QF still do the best PE by far.

1 on 22/10/14 by Kathbirk

I totally agree after flying Cathay PE back to London via Hong Kong last month from Perth. This apart from ?MAS is the ?the only carrier flying from Perth through Asia to London so not much competition. Food was no better than Economy and the whole experience was a tad disappointing. But the don't get me onto Qantas! How I miss their PE ( even though we had to fly to Singapore Or Syd/Mel Economy to pick up the PE out of the west

1 on 22/10/14 by Kathbirk

When I say the only carrier I meant one offering PE

2 on 22/10/14 by MissBasset

The PE food is Economy food, with a little extra of something! I think it amusing that the hot course comes in the Economy aluminium container, served on top of a china plate. Why bother? No nice starched tablecloth either.  Plenty of room to step this up to the "premium travel experience" their marketing spokesthingy is going on about!

2 on 22/10/14 by Rkwm

Rather than change the font of the logo (meaningless) Dane Cheng should take a close investigation at the sub standard PE product currently delived by the airline. It is certainly a dire reflection on CX especially given the statement Cheng makes referencing Cathay Pacific ..... "travelling well and travelling in style and being well looked after"!!!! Obviuosly this comment excluded PE.

4 on 22/10/14 by Robert

What does PE stand for please?

1 on 22/10/14 by AJW

It stands for premium economy. But interesting question, reading some of the comments above I guess many don't realise that each airlines considers premium economy to be something different.

For some airlines premium economy is basically economy with extra leg room.

Others it is economy with extra leg room and width.

And others it is economy with extra leg room, width with a slightly better meal.

Qantas is in the latter catagory.

1 on 26/10/14 by 11sjw

Would suggest that QF have been treating PE as more of a J - rather than a small Y +.  

QF PE is what J was 10-20 years ago.

Given Skytrax has it at no.1 you'd think it is what other "premium" airlines would aspire to.

2 on 22/10/14 by MissBasset

Physical Education, Robert!

3 on 23/10/14 by eminere

Proletariat Eviction. 

5 on 22/10/14 by DK

Rumour has it that the red cheatline is going to be gone from the CX livery. Not that it matters, but it seems like most airlines are now having minor changes which don't actually improve anything as readers have suggested.

A picture has been posted up on, and a possible idea of what the livery will look like

6 on 24/10/14 by KK

Still a shark fin.

7 on 24/10/14 by undertheradar

'no longer constrained in a box and losing the red line'.....sounds/looks like a  further 'breaking away' from the 'mainland' ... (the box/redline representing case you're wondering) ....just a thought ;) 

1 on 24/10/14 by undertheradar

and the 'brushwing' is 'free' ..... very symbolic ;)  and could be seen as very 'political' ....just a thought ;)

1 on 24/10/14 by Sloth

Do you know if they are going to change the look of the planes as well in light of this new refresh? It looks good though!

2 on 24/10/14 by moa999

interesting perspective undertheradar...

Even more of a minor change than QF's change to the font and roo.

Wonder if they will lose the stripe on the plane as well?

1 on 24/10/14 by undertheradar

I'm just thinking 'outside the box with the red line' lol... I predict, as repaints occur, the red line will disappear and the font/brushwing will be updated

3 on 24/10/14 by cheeryking

or does it mean they are merged? (no political views thank you)

you overthink!!

8 on 24/10/14 by spacecadet


9 on 24/10/14 by planemad

Love it!

10 on 24/10/14 by reeves35

Interesting to note the luggage tags don't appear to have Oneworld logo. .....hmmmmm.

1 on 26/10/14 by AJW

Whilst there are luggage tags in the picture if you look they are representative of the colours for each class. How many airlines have classed based tags like this, tags are normally status based. So wouldn't be too worried.

11 on 24/10/14 by MissBasset

A lot of fuss about a tweak to a logo!  Could CX explain how this will "help passengers travel well", as I'm having trouble making the connection?

1 on 24/10/14 by eminere

Exactly. What vacuous marketing nonsense.

2 on 26/10/14 by hkflyer

I think if you read the press release thoroughly you will see that CX say the brand refresh and design guidelines will apply to websites, apps, signage, lounges etc etc ... whether these changes 'help passengers travel well' remains to be seen, but it is rather more than just a 'tweak to a logo'. 

1 on 27/10/14 by eminere

I still don't see how any of these aesthetic changes can make a physical difference to how passengers travel. More use of the colour green, perhaps...?

1 on 27/10/14 by MissBasset

Much Ado about Nothing (or not much) IMHO, despite hkflyer's unbounded enthusiasm! Methinks he/she is closely connected with CX or the marketing geniuses behind the 'brand refresh'.


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