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Carting around too much cabin baggage? Leave it at Hyatt!

By Chris Chamberlin     Filed under: hyatt, cabin baggage, Hyatt Gold Passport

If you like staying fit on the road but just can’t squeeze those gym shoes and your workout gear into your cabin bag, why not leave them at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne hotel ahead of your next visit?

Regular guests at the property can make use of the ‘Leave it at Hyatt’ scheme, whereby bulky and inconvenient items can be kept at the hotel permanently at no charge.

When you next return, you’ll find everything waiting in your room – perfect for time-poor executive travellers that also like travelling light.

Along with storage, guests can also request that their clothing be laundered, pressed or dry cleaned by the hotel at the usual rates before their next visit to Melbourne.

A spokesperson for the hotel told Australian Business Traveller that within reason, there aren’t any formal restrictions on what can and can’t be left by guests – although the property’s ability to store items such as large boxes and paintings is limited.

We’re told that travellers using the Leave it at Hyatt service tend to store their dry cleaning and gym clothing, and also their larger toiletries such as larger bottles of their preferred shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers.

Before checking out, guests simply complete the following card and advise reception that they’ll be leaving belongings behind:

Leave it at Hyatt was a concept first introduced by the Grand Hyatt Melbourne hotel, owing to its large number of repeat corporate and business guests, and has since expanded to a number of other properties within the Grand Hyatt brand.

The facility is available to all regular in-house guests – including those returning but once a month – with approximately 50 travellers currently storing their personal effects on-site.

As you’d expect, most of those travellers fall within the Platinum and Diamond tiers of Hyatt Gold Passport – and as Platinum is within reach after only five stays each year, we’re sure that most who use the service will be quickly climbing the status ladder.

Road warriors: what item of baggage weights you down the most when you travel, and would you ever consider buying a few to leave at your favourite hotels?

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1 on 13/11/14 by ILIKEPLANES101

Great idea!

2 on 14/11/14 by Hugo

Woohoo. I'll drop off all my furniture there before I leave Melbourne and come back six months later. Two nights at the Grand Hyatt has to be cheaper than a storage unit, right?

3 on 16/11/14 by eminere

What a fantastic initiative.


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