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British Airways launches chauffeur-drive service in Sydney

By David Flynn     Filed under: British Airways, first class

British Airways will offer a free chauffeur service for its first class customers flying out of Sydney from July 1.

Passengers travelling on BA15 and BA16 will have a Jaguar shuttle them in style to and from Sydney International Airport, provided their reservation has been sold and ticketed in Australia – the deal doesn't apply to Brits heading to the colonies.

The free service covers a 50km radius from Sydney International Airport, with an additional $5/km charge for travel beyond that boundary.

There are a few other caveats: you'll need to reserve your driver at least 48 hours prior to departure, and the service is restricted to travel ticketed with an A or F booking code.

Waitlists, 'Z-code' reservations, award redemption bookings, complimentary upgrades and travel agent discount tickets don't make the cut.

British Airways joins Qantas, Emirates and Etihad in offering a chauffeur service for Sydney-siders – although unlike those three airlines, which extend the free ride offer to business class, BA's limo is available only for first class.

Also on July 1st, Qantas will extend its Chauffeur Drive service to flights between Australia and Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Santiago and Johannesburg, in addition to the current destinations of London and Dubai.

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1 on 28/6/13 by AusFlyer

Wow... For First Class passengers and not even if you redeem a frequent flyer ticket. Careful BA... you don't want to go overboard with these benefits!

2 on 28/6/13 by driley28

QF have delayed chauffeur services to JNB, JFK  and SCL until 2014. 

3 on 28/6/13 by driley28

Chauffeur drive does start from this Monday for MEL/SYD/BNE to LAX and SYD to DFW. 

4 on 28/6/13 by Ben84

For EY, business car service is limited to 2 trips. Only if you reach silver status can you gain access to car service for every part of the trip. 

5 on 28/6/13 by TheRealBabushka

To what extent is being chauffer driven a factor in choosing an airline?

All these caveats suggest point scoring by BA rather than a genuine attempt to improve service.

1 on 28/6/13 by Ben84

It's convenient to have car service packaged with your flights. I can only speak for myself, but I won't fly with an airline that doesn't offer this service. 

2 on 28/6/13 by AusFlyer

It's one of the least important factors for me... I won't choose to fly an airline just because of chauffeur drive. The seat, service, safety and punctuality weigh in way before this does.

1 on 29/6/13 by Ben84

In my experience, these have all gone hand in hand. It is the total package that ultimately matters. The car service is part of the Seemless travel experience. 

1 on 2/7/13 by AusFlyer

Maybe... But it isn't what makes me pick between the airlines. I'm not tempted to fly one over another just because they offer free limo service. It's just not important to me. 

6 on 29/6/13 by Chrisor

Bummer, we were looking forward to experiencing the BA chauffer drive in September, but alas, we are using FF points so I'll guess we'll use other means of transport to the Qantas First Lounge in Sydney instead!

That alone should make up for the disappointment I would think!  

7 on 5/7/13 by sfred

There's a big additional caveat in addition to the ones listed in this article.  The F or A class ticket must be purchased after 1 July to be eligible for the limo offer.  Tickets purchased prior to 1 July for travel after, are not eligible.  Seems a ridiculous limitation.  Why disappoint BA's most valuable customers based on when the ticket was purchased? 


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