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British Airways confirms London-Singapore-Sydney 'Kangaroo Route'

By John Walton     Filed under: sydney, Singapore, British Airways, london, Kangaroo Route

British Airways has pledged to continue flying the Sydney-Singapore-London route, in the face of speculation that it would abandon flights to Australia after its joint-venture partnership with Qantas concludes in March 2013.

“British Airways is very proud of its long history with Australia and we remain committed to providing customers with the best of British service when travelling to the UK and Europe,” promised Neil Ager, British Airways' Regional Commercial Manager, South West Pacific.

“We know we have many loyal customers in Australia, and they can continue to fly with confidence when they choose British Airways.”

BA's restated commitment to the Kangaroo Route follows speculation that the British flag-carrier would cut the Singapore-Sydney leg of its one remaining flight in the wake of the Red Roo's hookup with Emirates and Qantas' plans to shift its Europe-bound connection hub to Dubai from Singapore, along with rumoured talks of a closer BA-Qatar Airways relationship following Qatar's entry into the oneworld alliance.

It also follows a report in The Sydney Morning Herald which suggested the airline could pull out of the London-Australia route following the Red Roo's proposed alliance with Emirates.

But it's not a total breakup with the Red Roo: "British Airways is looking to maintain and develop numerous existing codeshares with Qantas in Asia and Europe as part of oneworld, and the airline is currently exploring options for when the JSA ends on March 31, 2013," BA said in the statement.

It's good news for any Qantas frequent flyers who would prefer stopping over in Singapore on BA instead of Qantas-Emirates' flights via Dubai -- still earning status credits since BA and Qantas will remain part of the oneworld alliance.

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1 on 21/9/12 by Longreach

Perhaps BA will be smart enough to reinstate its 747 service to Brisbane, where the Kangaroo Route originally finished, and to which BA provided a 747 service until historically relatively recently.

Qantas' international services to Brisbane have been a disgrace in recent years, and it looks as though its poor treatment of the Q in Qantas will continue.

2 on 24/9/12 by WorldTraveller

An Australian parliamentarian has warned a new airline deal between Qantas and Emirates will expose passengers to unfair imprisonment, especially if they are gay, unmarried, Jewish or Christian, in Dubai. There are also potential issues for Australians of Jewish decent and for Australian Christians who have made pilgrimage to Israel.

You may well find that people who fall into any o these categories will prefer to fly with BA, resulting in increased loads for BA on flights to / from Australia.


1 on 12/10/12 by tronixstuff

Although it does sound rather sensationalist, there is a degree of truth to it. Luckily folks heading to Tel Aviv can do it one-stop via SIN or BKK.

2 on 12/10/12 by AusFlyer

... And you are paying attention to this said Parliamentarian? Seriously?

I have been to Dubai many times and it is no different to any other country where you need to respect local laws and customs. Transmitting through Dubai is hardly high risk. Said Parliamentarian, however, may be considered to be a tosser. 

I really hope you didn't take his comments seriously and I hope people have more sense than to listen to such rubbish. 

1 on 12/10/12 by Peter

There's also the fact that the other major Australian airline, Virgin Australia, flies into Abu Dhabi. Complaining that transiting through UAE on Qantas would be a double standard.

Besides, a lot of Australians already fly through the Middle East on Emirates, Qatar and Etihad. I think said Parliamentarian needs to be understand her constituents' needs.

3 on 12/10/12 by mitchimus

 really....hope all those folk flying Virgin, Emirates, Qatar and Etihad know how big a risk they are alrady taking...pffft to stupid politicians and their efforts at gaining notoriety in the belief that any publicity is good publicity.

3 on 12/10/12 by Darren

Maybe Qatar Airways can start codesharing with BA from SIN-SYD to open up a new port for them and also to give BA some additional load factor.

4 on 12/10/12 by snoopy7787

This is Great News.I am South Australian and would like them to reinstate the service we had here from 1982 to 1995.A Nonstop to Singapore for those of us unable to get on the SIA/Qantas A330 flights due to overbooking for example or a through run to London.The Six Hour Waits at Changi are good if a bit long on the day flights.(Less if one takes the QF81)

5 on 12/10/12 by sagidec

I reckon they should fly to Kuala Lumpur and then codeshare with MAS for services to Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and possibly Sydney. More one stop flights than multiple stops.

All in Oneworld alliance anyways :)

6 on 12/10/12 by cdirnber

Looking at the GDS it seems QF is going to codeshare with BA via Singapore and will more or less forces passengers on cheaper airfares to use those codeshare flights (eg a Europe-originating special business class fare from Austria to Sydney (IATSPCL) in I class will require pax to fly via Singapore on QF-BA codeshare rather than through Dubai on the A380).


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