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BlackBerry Maps now available for Australia

By David Flynn     Filed under: apps, smartphones, BlackBerry, smartphone apps, BlackBerry Torch 9800, BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, GPS, maps

If you've been relying on Google Maps to navigate with your BlackBerry, now there's a new way to get from A to B – or simply to find exactly where you are right now.

BlackBerry Maps software is finally available in Australia and New Zealand as a free download.

The mapping app works with the smartphone's GPS to provide both locality maps and directions along with routing instructions.

Specific locations on the maps can be bookmarked for fast future reference, with maps also able to be sent via email and opened from other applications such as your contact list, so you can view a contact’s address on a map.


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1 on 4/11/10 by danwarne

I always find the Blackberry GPS excessively slow to get a lock on my position. That's one thing that the iPhone really has going for it -- positional lock in just a second or two (using Skyhook) rather than waiting to get a full GPS lock. I've walked around for 10 minutes waiting to get a GPS lock on a Blackberry without luck.. (in a wide open area too, not a built-up CBD area..)


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