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Asiana raises the inflight entertainment screen bar: 32 inches!

By John Walton     Filed under: inflight entertainment, first class, Seoul, suites, Asiana, Suites Class, Boeing 777-200ER

South Korean airline Asiana is spruiking the biggest entertainment system in the sky on its new OZ First Suite, with the main entertainment monitor measuring a whopping 32 inches (81cm).

The massive screen takes up just about all of the wall on Asiana's OZ First Suite (which takes its name from the airline's two-letter flight code rather than pointing to any Australian connection) and is wider than the fully flat bed that's the main feature of the first class offering.

This supersized display easily bests the previous record-holder: Emirates 27 inch panels in first class on its latest Boeing 777-300ERs.

There's also a smaller touchscreen device to control the big screen, seat adjustments and mood lighting within the cabin.

Asiana's suites now feature doors that close fully for privacy in your own personal movie theatre, and a minibar if you don't want to bother the crew for a beverage.

Couples travelling together might prefer the centre pairs of suites, which have a retractable wall separator, while a large ottoman provides an opportunity for dining à deux.

Asiana's OZ First Suites are found on a subset of the airline's Boeing 777-200ER aircraft -- but not the ones used to Australia, where business class is the top offering. The OZ First Suites are currently found on flights between Seoul and Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh and Chicago.


About John Walton

Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.


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1 on 17/8/12 by RR

Another pointless trumpeting from Asiana. Having recently traveled Syd-Paris then London -Syd with them: no first class on long haul Euro flights (Paris/London/frankfurt) and except for 1 flight a week to London, no flat seats in business - really horrible angled seats as 2-3-2 on the 777, in a business class direct from the 90's.  Skytrax give them 5 star: that's 5 star without limo service, no flat seats in business (except some Japan and USA flights); no vegetarian meals - you can order it but you just get one of the 6 meat dish mains minus the meat; or memorably on one leg, two plates of chopped pineapple (I am not making this up- have photo to prove); and to cap it all, a clarion blurt on the PA and full blast lights 2 and half hours before landing (not great on the o'nite from Seoul to Syd) waking the whole aircraft to serve breakfast - which they do in Business in half an hour and then you are sitting there shell shocked for the remaining 2 hours. Pleasant and polite crew, even if most can't manage two words in English, but awful facilities, barely 3 star I would say

1 on 17/8/12 by asw

I have the opposite experience in J-class on OZ, at least short-haul travel from ICN to PEK, NRT and HKG.  I especially like their Korean Breakfast.   I rate their service up there with CX or SQ, at least for short-haul.

1 on 6/2/13 by hgsinnett

You have to experience to believe it. Recently travelled this class and it was amazing. I personally thought the huge screens were unnecessary but they have changed my opinion on IFE and it is time in this modern century that all airlines take entertainment seriously. Not just the screens but everything was so modern and done at the touch of a button. It was a flawless experience and their service is by far the best out there.

2 on 17/8/12 by AusFlyer

There comes a point where the size of the tv screen becomes not only ridiculous but pointless too. What added benefit is there for the limited number of passengers who are flying in First Class going to get from having the screen fill the whole wall in front of them? Surely there are more important things they could spend their money on...

As they say... size isn't everything....

1 on 17/8/12 by MHerbert

Tell that to Qantas First passengers who like their pajamas a certain size haha

3 on 17/8/12 by haydensydney

The 32" screen is fantastic for size queens like myself. However...I'm flying with OZ to LHR in J for my 30th and the sloped seats concern me for such long segments. Perhaps OZ should've spent more effort bringing in a consistent flat seat product, rather than playing around with LCD's?

4 on 18/8/12 by Tom W

Finally someones taking a hint and not wasting space with TV sizes. Panels should be as big as possible for their location and airlines should now start to take this seriously!

5 on 18/8/12 by darrenbooth

Award availability using Star Alliance miles on the Seoul to Chicago segment is generous at the moment in the OZ First Suite. Huge amount of dates to pick from.

6 on 20/8/12 by Al

Why not? If your suite allows a large-size flat screen TV then go for it! But it'd be really cool if they hooked up a PS3 or Xbox, with a bunch of games available for loan, and you could play your way through the flight (as long as the sound was limited to your headphones, not blasting out the speakers to annoy passengers in the next suite).

7 on 20/8/12 by RR

I am getting annoyed with Asiana's promotions - not only do most of Asiana's aircraft NOT have First, the business is really old fashioned on most aircraft. Their video on those 2-3-2 B777's is on a loop (not AVOD), the selection is very poor, and the image quality is atrocious - very fuzzy and dark. Their new Quadria layout has only 4 across in business (1-2-1) and AVOD, but they seem not to be rolling this out for Australia or Europe. I have called Asian's office in Sydney, and emailed them, and they will not say when, if ever we will get the new layout. On their website they are promoting the new First suites with big screens ONLY to the USA, Japan and Saigon. Odd when the Asian desinations are so close to put suites and beds, and for the long hauls (Australia/Europe) there is no First and skislope business. The Quadra Smartium business seat is avail only on USA and Japan flights, and once a week to London. 

8 on 6/2/13 by hgsinnett

Recently flew their Sydney to Seoul to Chicago and it was by far the best travel experience I have had. The Sydney to Seoul route was in business class and the seats were lie-flat as there was an aircraft change and they were fantastic. I think it was the OZ Quadra Smartium the new seats. The screens were wide and clear, dining and wines were terrific and staff service was the standout much better than other top airlines like Singapore or Malaysian. The Seoul to Chicago route had these new suites and I can't speak more highly of this first class product. The screens were amazing in quality and the seat is so innovative and modern with everything done at the touch of button on the screen. Service was as always impeccable. Asiana offer really good experiences for both business and leisure in my opinion and they are currently the best in the market - I think they have won 5 airline of the year awards consecutively which is impressive.  


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