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Amazon UK delivers to corner shops, newsagents near your hotel

By John Walton     Filed under: london, UK, travel tips, Amazon

If you're heading to the UK, Amazon has a nifty new trick: delivery to local corner shops and newsagents, so you can arrange for a delivery before you arrive.

Amazon's Collect+ option is a godsend for business travellers and opens up numerous ways to be more professionally and personally productive.

While some hotels are fine with receiving packages for you in advance, many have "letters only" restrictions and a disappointing number won't accept larger parcels.

Collect+ takes advantage of the Paypoint network of newsagents, mini-marts and souvenir shops, which you might know from buying a bus ticket or topping up your rechargeable Oyster card.

4900 stores are already signed up for the Collect+ network, and they're all over London. Here's an example if you wanted to collect a parcel near Buckingham Palace:

You can order any number of things from Amazon these days. Here are a few ideas we've used in the past...

  • Choose books to read on arrival that you don't have to carry with you.
  • Have toiletries or clothes delivered so you can pack less.
  • Get a stash of breakfast bars so you don't have to fork out for hotel or coffee shop brekkie. 
  • Order an electrical adapter to be waiting for you on arrival.
  • Arrange for event supplies to be pre-delivered just round the corner from where you need them.

Would you use a service like this? Have you ever had an issue getting a package delivered to a hotel? Share your experiences with fellow readers in a comment below!

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