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AirAsia X to restart London flights

By David Flynn     Filed under: AirAsia X

AirAsia X plans to restart flights between Kuala Lumpur and London, almost three years after it abandoned the route – along with Paris – citing high fuel prices and airport taxes combined with weak demand.

Airline group CEO Tony Fernandes today used Twitter, one of his favourite mediums, to advise that "the reopening of KL London is definitely on the cards," adding that he plans to discuss the issue with London mayor Boris Johnson next week.

"kl london is the most wanted route for airasia x . and we will deliver it I am quite sure" (sic) Fernandes continued, also adding that AirAsia X is "exploring Hawaii as part of our growth strategy."

The Malaysian airline is one of the world's most highly-regarded low-cost carriers and is popular with business travellers on a budget thanks to the relatively low fares of its 'Premium' cabin.

AirAsia X is also a prime customer for the new Airbus A330neo, with 50 of the A330-900neo versions on order for expected delivery from 2018, on top of ten A350-900 jets due from 2016.

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1 on 26/11/14 by ILIKEPLANES101

Anyone know the airport? Assuming LGW?

2 on 26/11/14 by Broderick

Im assuming LGW as well. I hope this comes of age. Apart from the food I have nothing but praise for Asia X. I've only ever travelled Premium Economy but each time the experience has been fantastic.

1 on 26/11/14 by watson374

It was axed the last time because they were using gas-guzzling planes (and the original A330 didn't have the range). This time around operating costs will be much better so hopefully it'll pan out.

Funny you should say the only problem you had was with food - my family has flown AirAsia extensively, both regional and long-haul, and we've found the nasi lemak to be consistently good and very dependable. (Having said that, it's only downhill from there. The chicken rice is especially bad.)

1 on 27/11/14 by madge

Not to mention the UK's Air Passenger Duty for long haul flights. This adds ~$100 to a long haul fare compared to departing from CDG.

2 on 4/12/14 by chewkc65

I wonder why AirAsia X did not consider A330-200 instead of the 4-engine A340-300.  A332 would have sufficient range for KUL-LGW, though with a slight pax reduction.MH has also been long unhappy with their current B777-200 and had pushed for increased range in A330-300 for KUL-Europe flights.  And MH did operate A330-200 at one time.

2 on 27/11/14 by asw

AAX used to fly to Stansted. Favorite of LLCs

3 on 26/11/14 by sagidec

good move. bring in more competition meaning full service carriers could drop their prices a little bit more.

20 hours flying from down under to london, could do with some comfort with the full service carriers.

4 on 26/11/14 by Michael

From a leisure passenger perspective: great news!

But it isn't for the weak, no checked baggage on a flight that long & 9 abreast A330s make for a long trip. (10 abreast A350s to come!)

1 on 4/12/14 by chewkc65

You're right about the 9-abreast A330.  Makes me cringe just with the thought of sitting in a 16.5" seat for 13 hrs to LGW.  And I don't think much of the food.  Just a small meal pack with an equally small container of water.  You need to pay a lot if you want more.  Water is always a precious commodity for me on long flights.

5 on 26/11/14 by leisuretraveler

if you google air asia x, you will get a lot of news articles about how they lost $42 million in the Sept quarter on their opersations to/from Australia and suggesting they are about to substantially reduce their flights to/from Australia.

London and Hawai must be the destinations they are looking at, to place surplus aircraft as a result of cancelling some of their australian flights


6 on 26/11/14 by Dale

When does it start, any idea

1 on 26/11/14 by David

Dale: it's not been officially announced yet, and if there was a start date we would have included that in the article.

1 on 27/11/14 by Dale

Just asking, thought it may have been revealed after publishing.

1 on 28/11/14 by David

If/when it's revealed we'll be quick as we can to share the date and other details. :)

7 on 27/11/14 by TheRealBabushka

Any idea if they still fly from the clapped out LCC terminal at KUL?

1 on 27/11/14 by eminere

From klia2.

1 on 27/11/14 by TheRealBabushka

Thanks eminere, is there a free train/bus services that connects the old KLIA and KLIA2?

Is such a train/bus services available for people outside and within the secure area?

1 on 27/11/14 by watson374

There is a train linking KLIA2 to the Main Terminal. As I understand it, there is no airside connection.

8 on 27/11/14 by rg

they flew to stansted before

1 on 27/11/14 by ILIKEPLANES101

They then changed  from STN to LGW before discontinuing operations.

9 on 27/11/14 by rg

they flew to stansted before


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